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Norman Nippy 1959 Moped.


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I had a nice little ride out on Tuesday evening and met two of my nephews for a pint on the way back. The little Norman enjoyed being back out on the open road. https://www.facebook.com/1832825166/posts/pfbid0774J19tEwuNf7R7TYbgK3Tr5HmVRXs44eDR8L4wqH541SCeYvALVn22n1XxtrRGol/?

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Going through some odds and sods on the Nippy and found this, the air filter has contorted. It still does its job and looks fine externally but it is such a shame, it was perfect until the recent recommissioning. I have had issues with both fuel tap not fully closing (another clean and fresh cork upcoming) and also the float is dented which I think may be allowing the fuel valve not fully closing. These issues have allowed fuel to weep into the air filter when sat idle, I do run E5 but guess this is an effect of Ethanol? 
Any thoughts?



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