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One life, live it under the bonnet of your land rover


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Because I don't have enough stress in my life as it is I picked this up last weekend. 


Got it cheap because it's got 204k miles on and is in need of some welding but appears to have been looked after. Front and rear cambelts changed at 180k and various other important bits done. Even got brave enough to try the parking brake last night

Have done 300 miles so far and looks like the trans will need servicing (getting the classic vibration going uphill) but I absolutely love it. Now watch it break...

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11 minutes ago, Rust Collector said:

Well bought, they're lovely when they're working. I really like my one, even though it has all sorts of Land Rover things going wrong every time I use it.

Yeah it's already gotten under my skin a bit. Despite the faults I'm sure there is a decent car underneath. I was saying to my friend last night that I think I actually prefer it to an L322 nowadays. Just as capable without the terrible image of the RR

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Might as well turn this into a bit of a fleet thread. Had a go with one of the Lidl oil pumps for the first time this afternoon. Not entirely mess free but meant I could do an oil change during my lunch break


The Civic will soon be up for sale.

Plan is to use the pump to flush the trans fluid on the disco and add a tube of Dr Tranny to hopefully sort the pulsing 

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