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A Youtube rival to Binky?


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I’ve been watching this chap from Switzerland for some time, he normally restores old tools man of which would be useful to car repair. His attention to detail is second to none, and his second channel he does explanatory videos on how to do various metalworking techniques.

He’s just started a car resto.



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  • dozeydustman changed the title to A Youtube rival to Binky?

I think the difference with Binky to all these resto programmes and youtube channels is not just the attention to detail, but the fact that they're trying to dump a Turbocharged 3SGTE engine in a 1980 Mini.

There's a guy who has put an Rb26DETT into a Hakosuka, with all the running gear and huge brakes round our way. It's an absolute quality build and looks like it was built for it.
Old skool skyline meets new skyline.

I'd love to have seen that build too.

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