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After I said I wasnt buying another car- Heres my new car


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1 hour ago, montytom said:

As above the other day I said that I went looking at a car but I got to Bridport and turned round told the owner and they were ok about it.

A couple of days later from this my father has been on my facebook account sending messages to the owner who I had already told him that I wasnt going to buy his car.

My dad offered to put the money in his account but he refused saying he had someone coming round for it.

I then got a message while I was getting some tyres for my smart car saying the other person cancelled.

Well I actually made it there this time on Friday 16th June. My dad told me to go and knock on the door and he got his mat out of the smart car and looked underneath.

The man came out with a couple of friends and then my dad said it was ok underneath-He didnt want to do any more welding after sorting out my P6.

I then took it for a test drive and the car seemed slow but drove ok . I then went back and told my dad to drive it and he did and he came back smiling saying yep its fine-a little slow but a service etc will sort that.

My dad transferred the money into the owners account and we set off. I got about 5 miles away and it started to smell like brakes.

I got to the roundabout on the a35 and coolant came up and hit the windscreen and steam from under the bonnet.

I went round the roundabout and someone was beeping there horn at me and I pulled into a layby.

I then contacted the breakdown people and they said they would put it through as an emergency as I was on an A road.

After an hour and a half a recovery company rang me. They said we have been tasked to take you back to Plymouth but we dont have a driver to do it tonight so I had 2 choices.

They take the car to Dorchester then wait to see if the breakdown company could sort a relay or they would take the car back to their depot and then deliver it when available.

I said just deliver it when you can.

Well Today Sunday 18th June 2023 my car got delivered to me on a low loader.

I have alrady spent much to much on bits for it but Im really liking the car.

Here it is a 1963 Wolseley 16/60 automatic.

Its not mint but the body is tidy but it was a car that wasnt used much as the previous owner passed away and then the person I bought the car off bought it from the deceased estate.









Wow, that's an early one! Not a bench seat!

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13 hours ago, Andyrew said:

That looks like a lovely thing to pilot. 

Top purchase!

Many thanks yes it is a bit different to more modern cars even the P6 feels much more modern to drive. Its a lovely thing though. Thanks again 

13 hours ago, HMC said:

Lovely! Plymouth reg too i think?!

Thanks Matt, Im not sure it didnt come with any history with it as it was a deceased persons before, I will check it out though many thanks

12 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Wow, that's an early one! Not a bench seat!

Thanks I found out that they didnt do a bench on these for some reason but made the seats stick together so 3 could sit in the front as the manual versions they wanted it to be a floor change rather than column. Thanks again

10 hours ago, BL Bloke said:

That looks a nice example. Well bought! 👍

Thankyou im quite smitten thanks again

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that looks like a lovely old thing to waft about in :) 821PUO is a Devon registration mark, the register for which is thankfully preserved, so you should be able to go see who the very first keeper of the car was :)



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