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Victor the Volkswagen


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Kinda snatched defeat from the jaws of victory today. Changed the oil (clearly a gorilla did the filter up last time), despite it being very windy I only got oil on the cardboard and not the drive. Changed the air filter after fighting with a 10mm head bolt where a 5mm Allen  should have been


Buoyed with my success I thought I'd tackle the blowing exhaust centre section, having scored a new one for £20 off Facebook. Fuck me someone has been a'bodging


Having removed all this shite I need some sort of sleeve to go from the 42mm OD cat to 50mm ID centre section. Someone had tried to do this previously and really fucked it up.

Biggest fight was trying to get the back box off as it wouldn't twist while on the car, in the end I had to remove the NSR wheel and undo the shock mounts to get enough room to pull it off with a foot of sawn-off centre pipe attached. Also realised I lent my hacksaw to someone so had to use a blade in a holder which was a PITA.

Bonus safety third points for using table legs under the jack for extra height


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I'm having nightmares sorting the exhaust. The (correct) centre section is loads bigger than the pipe on the cat - I ordered an adaptor to go between the two but that meant the centre was too far back. Might have to order a different sleeve and cut the flare off the centre section.


Instead of getting annoyed with that I wet vacced the interior 




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That'll be why the passenger window doesn't open then


I do hate bodgers. Not only was the driver's seat held together with cable ties, someone's been at the driver's door too. 

No idea why the rod for the door button is missing, and the window motor seems to be floating in space with nothing behind that empty bolt hole. It's like part of the regulator is missing


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6 hours ago, vaughant said:

Bloody bargain that, paint looks really good under the stickers.

It's not bad, there are some scratches and chips from delivery drivers not giving a toss, but it'll get a thorough clean and a going over with a touch up pen soon


I got a window reg off eBay and slung it in today, took longer getting the tape residue off the window!

Quite impressed with the new part actually, arrived quickly and had notes in proper English. Seller was "bahuha" and it's made by Senco if anyone's in the market for one!

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Two steps forward and one back again today. Changed the boot lock, it's a bit of a fiddly bugger until you've done it, then it becomes obvious how to do it - hardest part is removing the clip that holds the lock into the boot handle 



Made slightly more annoying in that one of the clips that holds an actuating rod in place was too small for the rod. Tried enlarging the clip but this wasn't possible. Tried the original clip on the new lock - different size hole that it locates in. In the end I took the lock out again and very carefully enlarged the hole in the plastic arm to accept the original clip - success.


Less successful was fitting a replacement rod to the driver's door lock - 2nd hand part and it's the wrong side. At least getting the lock out is easy! Why it's missing in the first place will remain forever a mystery. 


Thought I'd sling a new fuel filter on - not a bad job once you've persuaded the rusty screw in the clamp to come out, however one of the local cats appears to have killed a bird and I discovered the very decomposed and maggot-infested remains right under the filter where I wanted to work. Yuk!

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25 minutes ago, somewhatfoolish said:

Cat does look like it's been bodgerificated at least once.

Yeah it had 5 different sleeves plus clamps and two tubes of exhaust paste. And still leaked.

New parcel shelf - think it should be dark grey but it's better than a hole


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Today's the day, finally plucked up the courage to get the cambelt done. Don't know why they give me teh fearz these days, I used to just get on with it. VW special tools in the form of an 8mm drill bit, a punch and two clothes pegs helped get 'er done


After a bit of faffing going off to source a 12 sided 21mm socket and some ¼ to ½ bits for my new Aldi impact driver, it thoroughly failed to get the crank bolt out. However a breaker bar wedged against the lower and and a quick flick of the starter did the job.

We won't talk about doing it up to FT without putting the pulley back on first...

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It's almost there, had a thorough wash and various chips etc touched in - has revealed that I need to somehow replace the membrane in the NS door I removed to do the window reg, as water came through the door card




He's a 10-footer but looks pretty good for his 19 odd years on the road. 

Also need to somehow get the radio code after disconnecting the battery while doing the cambelt

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And off he goes, delivered to my partner's niece who was very excited as she had no idea she was getting a car.

I'm sure he'll be back for servicing etc, he did have a bit of a last laugh at my expense this morning - radio wanted a code the other day after I disconnected the battery. Head unit did not want to come out so I could get the serial number, fought with it for ages and it finally relented - and then suddenly decided to work without a code and even had all the presets retained. Weird...


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