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Well fuck me I got it working again


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I don't think there is much need for a backup forum, this is the only notable unplanned downtime I can remember in however many years since the site was liberated from DaveB£47please.

The admin team know their shit, as I understand it this was a bollock that was dropped by the hosting company not our tech wizards and such incidents are pretty rare.

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If anyone's worried about the data etc, don't panic. It's just that the operating system on the server has a very different idea of what its network adapter is called than the hardware does.

Plans are afoot to bring the whole shebang up to date, replace all the drop links, get a fresh MOT and get everything concourse ready.

Well ... maybe FOTU ready

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11 minutes ago, Sham said:

And if it's not DNS, it's mystically linked to a print driver.



Don't even joke. I had 80 laptops this week shit themselves because a windows update banjaxed the printer driver.

No fun typing my admin password in manually 80 times :(

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