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Well fuck me I got it working again


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7 hours ago, JJ0063 said:

I was going to ask whether you panicked thinking you’d lost the million pages of Invapedia but I assume you’ve got it stored on an offshore server and also multiple copies in paper, papyrus, slate, braille and a backup of that in a safety deposit box? 

*taps index finger on the side of my head* 

(and anyone who has the fortune/misfortune of talking to me at the FoD knows I am not kidding LOL)

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By late last night, that was starting to creep into my head too. Thankfully the site came back, so I didn't get as far as wondering if it was the Illuminati in league with the Shape Shifting Alien Reptiles. Nor did I fetch my balaclava and jump leads to set about persuading someone to drop the legal action.

All is well. All hail the cult of beige. 

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12 hours ago, bunglebus said:

In all seriousness there needs to be a guest group on another forum (probably not that one) or a FB page to lurk on in tines of emergency. Tried Autoshite 2.0 on FB but it was very quiet

This. To be fair, it was an ideal opportunity to pick up on some bookmarked threads I'd not looked at for ages on RR. Even so, a basic 999 forum like the previous one would be great. 

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