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Ural 650 Something or other


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OK. Pre-delivery photo will arrive shortly.

Hadn't run for a while. Battery was toast..

Tank will need removing cleaning out internally and stripping back to bare metal.

Carbs will need cleaning. They are Jikov carbs so are the better ones seemingly. The alternator is the Grenade variety and will need changing. 

Throttle operation is pants. New cables?

Seat is the later dual type and will need fitting properly. Cover is holed.

Side panels MIA

Better headlight lens needed.

New indicator lenses needed.

Pedal rubbers etc

Some corrosion on the frame.

Front and rear mudguards need stripping and repainting.

Chrome stuff needs cleaning up.

Petrol tap seized solid. Replace.

Tyres... just bin 'em.  

Spoked wheels look ok.

Need mirrors..

Service the bugger.


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Pedal rubbers and kick start rubber obtained. Gear change lever rubber... needed.

Battery obtained.

Indicator lenses obtained.

Side panels obtained.

Seat cover obtained.

Plugs obtained.

Fuel tap obtained (ouch).

Headlight obtained.


Carb service kit

Tyres and inner tubes no doubt.

Replacement fuel lines.

Throttle cables.

Service items other than plugs.

I was in touch with an English bloke in Eastern Europe. He had contacts for bits at sensible prices. However the war and stuff has understandably curtailed that. Have found a decent UK supplier now.


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1 hour ago, Matty said:

Also ken, might be miss remembering, but I'm sure a member on here (Dan with the purple 5 pot volvo I think) has a Ural. Could be well wrong mind


Volvo passed over the bridge.

Bike's mid rewire and sidestand manufacture and fit. Not quite a ural, it's a cj750



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Just been out to the Ural aka Olga by the way.

Cleaning up bolt heads and fittings prior to soaking in plusgas. Just removed the seized fuel tap. Came off easily enough but suffice to say that combustible fluids and the inside of the tank have not been companions for a considerable amount of time. Ahem...

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48 minutes ago, purplebargeken said:

It does! Guessing the smoll chrome lever on the right hand side..

No.  That's a sequential  "hand" gearchange in parallel with the non-sequential toe/heel gearchange.  Reverse in gearbox so not obvious from outside and fitted for 2 wheel drive (sidecar) setup though seems a more random allocation took place.

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