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Didn't we have a lovely day the day we went to bruxelles


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The beloved autoworld.... They have regular changes in special displays - usually anniversaries of a model or maker. 

Top quality motors in there and it's a partially working museum as they do a lot of maintenance and restoration around the back and sometimes in the display garage in the main hall..... 

Same with the air museum opposite - hope you had time to get in there too.... Cafe is fantastic and the resto work going on is a joy to behold.

Pity I'm not there fella - next weekend - typically 


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5 hours ago, Back_For_More said:


Same with the air museum opposite - hope you had time to get in there too.... 

Is that what the other building was :D

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OK - so as you enter the park from Merode..... The main arch is central... 

Left side - Autoworld.... Fantastic collection and ever changing displays with almost every Belgian club and collector donating/loaning vehicles on a rotation. 

Right side - War and Air Museum. Going over the civil war of Belgium and the World Wars.... A collection of tanks in the main courtyard. End main massive hall is filled with single seater aircraft, warbirds, special forces gear, arctic expedition stuff, helicopters and fighter jets etc....  A lot to take in. 

Both sides have working sections of their main areas that are regularly occupied with ongoing restoration projects. 

The volunteers at both do a cracking job aamd are extremely helpful amd friendly. 

Definitely worth a day and only 70m apart so not exactly a massive walk. 

Local clubs use the cobbled Central area for gatherings all the time so you can regularly just walk into a car show for no apparent reason. 

The shops, especially in Autoworld - can be wallet crippling..... 

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I went to Autoworld in 1995, I must have the catalogue somewhere. It had a good selection of unusual European stuff back then but was quite sparse and empty. It looks like they have expended the collection quite a bit in the last 20 odd years and looks well worth a re-visit.

Thanks for posting.

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you saw the smurfs

they did have tin tin stuff and wanted to buy a mug (i have a collection growing :D )

but couldnt carry as pockets were full of clothes/electronics/books/cake



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I'll be there in August. Hopefully I'd like to stay for good.

I used to live across the road from the 50th anniversary park (Parc du cinquantenaire) where the museums are located.

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