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Bank Holiday Delivery Caper


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So this morning started in the usual way



Then I went over to pick this up


Put 20 quids worth of fuel in and off we set, usual tinge of

‘I’ve sold this and now I’m going to have to drive it and I know I’m going to want to keep it’


Which was true, as it was a fun bimble on the empty early bank holiday Monday A roads.

It got there of course, the new owner is happy with it, I think, but it is still a secret as to where it is, so successful delivery but no more details, sorry about that.

Have one last Ami pic as a sweetener (with some visa in background added value)


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8 minutes ago, chaseracer said:

I have absolutely no objection to this.

Lawrence might tho 😄

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On 5/9/2023 at 10:40 AM, 2flags said:

If the location of the delivery is secret, I take his wife doesn't yet know he's bought it?

My brother didn't know I'd bought it for him 🤣

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