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Holy Base Sierra Preservation donations


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On 4/22/2023 at 5:17 PM, RoverFolkUs said:

"Shed full of new and used parts" 

Is that a box of Fram oil filters you bought for 28 pence each from the factors on clearance in 1998? 

A set of dry rotted porous Dunlop black circles from 1981 on the wrong PCD wheels? 

 An air filter you took out of one that was only changed 5k miles prior so you kept it as a spare 25 years ago? 

A bottom arm that's bent but just needs straightening m9? 

Tbh I've also got a pretty much full shed of Cossie parts including an AIR CONDITIONING SET UP 😱😱😱 which to the right buyer is probably enough for me to retire on. Or I'll end up binning it one day as nobody ever bothered ordering one with it.

Judging by the amount of time @rwd has been doing up cars there's a good chance he was buying bits for these when I was for literally pennies.

"Back in the 90's"  I was buying genuine ford escort mk3 wings on my Ford discount for £15 each 😬😬😬.

Genuine mk4 rs turbo bonnet was £78 with discount, to which my mate moaned because it didn't come with the vents, they were £78 each 😬😬.

And that it had a ding in it.


I think I bought almost every body panel for my series one bar doors for about £400 brand new 🤣🤣.

Mind you even then you couldn't get things like towing eye covers or body kit parts.

I was shocked last time I looked some prick wanted £400 for a set of fibreglass rs turbo s1 arches 😱😱😪.

I think they were £50 all in back 20 years ago out the back of fast ford mag.

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Just found a Spanish shiter #clasicosenlacarretera on youtube and he has some excellent shite videos, including this red 2 litre Ghia which was pretty much exactly how I remember ours with the obvious LHD and yellow fog light differences.

I had forgotten about the LED car graphic on the dashboard that indicated the doors being opened/closed.  IIRC, there was also a snowflake graphic in the middle for when the temperature dropped a bit.

Look out for his Mk1 SEAT Ibiza 1.2 GLX with the lovely alloys.

The Spanish climate is so much more forgiving than ours.

I have subscribed and watch with the subtitles on, and can catch about 10% of what he is talking about with my non existent spanish.

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Thanks again to all, the gofundme page is telling me £640 in total so far which is way more than I expected, you glorious set of nutters.

Last chance to chuck in today, I will turn it off when I get up tomorrow morning.

£55 has been paid out so far for the door and I will update the total balance minus fees by Friday when the withdrawals have been processed and I've sent the balance to Bornite and/or Dicky.

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I've closed the gofundme to new donations, once the final withdrawals are processed I will post an update both here and to the gofundme page.

Thanks again to all for your generosity, I'm sure the amount raised (£645 -fees so somewhere north of £600) will go a long way to the needed repair panels, welding gas, rattle cans etc.

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Right. I did a thing. 



Pre MOT prep started with the annual (I’m not kidding) wash. 

Alf892, myself and his mate spent a couple of hours fixing an endless torrent of niggles. A new issue has developed through the winter where only half the fucking fuse box works. We’ve backfed it from another supply so we have wipers and blowers, and I’m planning on getting it tested this week. Once passed it’ll be off to the @Angrydickycarehome for elderly motor cars.

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