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The Autoshite Racing Car


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Other possibles from me are the XR4x4 and the Proton Satria Sprint.

The XR4x4 I hadn't thought of until someone I worked with many moons ago got a cheap one out of the auctions, specifically to rag around Knockhill track days, and despite minimal prep and repeated thrashings, it refused to die. 

The Proton I arrived at after a similar discussion on here years ago around the Doune Hillclimb (iirc), and it so happened there was a silver one on eBay with (again iirc) a £300 BIN that had caught my eye. But it was in Airdrie, and just didn't smell right at all, so I didn't bite. But...it's basically a Mitsubishi innit...4G63 transplant...yeah, about 500 turbo horsies would make it interesting. Maybe more horsies if 'only' 500 doesn't dislodge rip out the front subframe! 

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3 hours ago, CreepingJesus said:

850 wagon, but with a mismatched tailgate and winter tyres cos we got them for pennies off eBay. And painted beige with brown and russet accents, which any AS racer would have to be. 


That's got me thinking. 


Whatever the AS Motorsport vehicle may be, it'll be nothing without sponsorship.

So who do we want emblazoned on the side of our chariot? I'll start:

- Tenalady

- Rennie

- Bettaware

- Saga

- Bournemouth & Christchurch tourist board

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1 hour ago, anonymous user said:

Although I do remember a chap going up Prescott hillclimb in his Volvo 740 estate towcar, just to get the points, because his March racer wouldn't run.

I vaguely remember that happening at a sprint event at Mallory Park a few years ago - a chap who normally competed in a kit car contacted the organisers to say it wouldn't be ready and got permission to compete in his tow vehicle.  The said vehicle was a SEAT Altea!

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We could ask Euro Car Parts for sponsorship, but would it be the right sponsorship that would turn up? Say, asking for a full season of BTCC, but getting the 'JOGLE In Under Nine Hours' pack. And then accepting that it kinda goes near Knockhill and Mallory Park, and two rounds is probably enough for whatever heap we're running.

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4 hours ago, Pieman said:

I think just two of those were built for the 1994 BTCC season, one is now in Volvo's museum in Sweden and I think the other one is in a private collection.  You may notice that the Montego estate I posted is in a tribute livery to this car - the car that was a meme before the word "meme" was invented!

I may be completely wrong here, but I believe I read that it was only partly a publicity stunt and the car was partly designed as a test bed for FWD ahead of the 850 saloon being introduced the following year, the team (TWR) having been used to working with RWD cars.

I suspect the publicity was a big part of it given it was the learning year but TWR insisted there was an aerodynamic advantage of the estate, and that if the rules hadn't changed to allow full on rear wings for 1995 they would have kept with the Estate 

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10 hours ago, Pieman said:

Will Gollop's 6R4 is the opposite of shite, it's probably the most successful Rallycross car ever!

 dunno,I think the 6r4 is Autoshite through and through.

We want to win the WRC so let's build a car. But lets use the Metro for sentimental reasons as it pretty much saved Austin Rover.


Hmm, we need a bit more airflow into the car,so just stick these on.That'll do


Arse,we need wider tyres and some more aero to try keep it stable.


Ok,it's done. what colour should it be? 



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48 minutes ago, 155V6 said:


Haha I loved Jeff Wilson's BTCC Belmont. I remember Autosport, who used to do an amusing almanac lookahead to the next 12 months each Christmas issue. The theme of this one was Nigel Mansell after the disastrous end to his guest Mondeo outings gradually taking on worse and worse one off touring car drives until he ended up by the end of the season driving that Belmont 

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In F1 the most utterly useless team has to be "Life" who invented their own engine, 12 cylinder thing configured in three banks of 4 cylinders, used a someone elses' hopeless chassis, drivers refused to drive it, never qualified for anything, bits fell off, it all turned to shit. I'll write the story up someday, it's brilliant. 

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