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It's Saturday night, time for an unusual collectional sortie...


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Well good progress has been made,  PC = 0.

I've seen one audi knobhead and one abandoned fridge (unrelated).

All in all, this is not a bad place to be, however it does suffer, as a lot of petrol cars from this era do, from being a little out of breath at motorway speeds.  It really could have done with a 6th gear.


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Some way into the return journey, and a brief pause to stretch one's legs.


Definitely better suited to the more rural roads, but still able to motor along at 80 when pushed.

There's a selection of trims that'll need refitting, as well as the brakes wanting a service; it feels very rear biased which suggests perhaps a sticky wheel cylinder.



Not terrible save for the battle scars!

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15 minutes ago, PicantoJon said:


Fine purchase achieved right there! 


It was more a reclaimation,  the Cmax was bought about 3 weeks ago to replace my sister's Berlingo which I bought for her 4 or 5 years ago,  they have been wanting something a little newer for the last year, and this one came up when she was visiting.

I wasn't satisfied by the Cmax's service history so held onto it and gave it a full service and stripped all the brakes before it got packed off to Bristol where she lives.


Looking forward, the Berlingo will get a small service and a quick check around before going up for sale here, there are already serveral interested parties so hopefully it'll not be here too long.

It has had a fair amount of work in the years preceding it's relocation to Bristol,  and a new clutch in 2019, new discs and pads the year after.  I used to carry out the servicing when I was able whenever she visited, sadly I never thought to record this in the service book - or more realistically the service book was not available at the time.

Sadly although I know it's had a cambelt (the remains of the label are under the bonnet) I cannot evidence it through the service book.  However this is largely immaterial as it'd be due again next year anyhow.  The radiator is fairly new too, which is another bonus for anyone wishing to take it on.

It has the "pulsing" steering that seems to blight a lot of Berlingos of this age,  I think it's something to do with the PAS rather than a worn component though.


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