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Been up since 3:30am, been at work, only one thing. Collection caper.


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Seen a nice little car on here. Arrangements made.

Just finished 9 hour shift - check
Collected stepdaughter from work? - check
Brimmed tank for journey- check
Poo count - 3 (including working hours, otherwise 1).
Will it be dark when I get there? - check

Hopefully journey will be uneventful.

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1 hour ago, NorthernMonkey said:

Don’t! I had the runs a bit back and took 2 of those little bastards.

A week later before I could go again, no shit.


I’m actually not sure which was worst?

This is the sort of silly experiment/ dare I've never grown out of. See - deep heat on the unmentionables. I wonder how long you could go and what would happen when you were eventually overpowered

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We’re both home safe. Madam is taking her mum out for a quick spin. The car itself is a nice little thing. Typically Japanese/Malaysian/Korean handling - that is a little stodgy but it won’t bite you if you push it too hard. It’s a very easy little thing to drive. Madam didn’t put the wipers on once on the journey home (indicators right)

@BeEP thank you very much for the car, as always great to meet another shiter.

I’m now enjoying* a tepid cider before I have a shower and head off to bed.

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