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Renault Megane 3


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It’s basically a Renault 14 for the new millennium 👍



The models are Extreme (poverty), Expression, Dynamique (including TomTom) and Privilege which is top spec.

Engine range is even more bewildering, thankfully someone has listed them here

Why do we care about this?  Well, the 3 door is a looker


and they’re cheap.  Launched in 2009 it looks brand new to me, even though some people say 2009 is 14 years ago, the fucking idiots.

Anyone had personal experience?

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From a time when Renault realised they couldn't get away with the II series of cars (Laguna II/Mégane II/Scenic II/etc) level of quality, fit and finish. So they massively upped their game to produce a much more solid product. Problem was, their reputation was severely tarnished and perhaps still hasn't fully recovered. 

For those like me that like the Renault malaise era they are a bit bland and disappointing. However as piece of mechanised transport they do the job quite admirably. 

Stick to the N/A 1.6 and it'll be a robust economical car. The 2.0 F4R engine both in N/A forms and the very powerful turbo F4Rt are old but robust units. All are traditional multipoint injection and straightforward technology - unlike the Germans at the time with their new love affair with complex direct injection. Diesel 1.5dci is a rattly unit that is a very old design without masses of power. However it's still used today in cars as it's solidly reliable and solidly gets 50+ mpg without too much trouble.

I'd have one of these any day over something like an Astra H or Astra I. 

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I'd say more like a Renault 19 for the new millennium.


I've had 2 estates, 1 white ex-Chubb that lasted nearly 5 years before a Chinese gentleman punted me off the road and caused it to be written off. It's back on the road now, as a friend bought it from me for the salvage value +€200.IMG_20220511_181414.thumb.jpg.981629432aab5e311d0e4bc76ffe43a5.jpg

About 60k miles and the only items that failed were the rear number plate lamps, although I did do the front shocks at about 150k.

Replaced by:-IMG_20221004_183832.thumb.jpg.62e288515e30ee9367c61bf63d3d1702.jpg

Another 1.5Dci 110 hp, this time a GT Line Auto. I picked it up on Aug 31st and so far no problems. I've serviced it and put a new belt kit and WP on.

They are great cars, never less than 1000km on a 52 litre tank of diesel, also comfortable on standard suspension, but a bit bumpy on the GT line stuff. 

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