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European Roadtripping


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Bluesummer - it's electric. I first thought it a kit car - but it is a brand (sold by PSA apparently). Very chiq. Limited range I understand from the discussions I had - more a town/beach car.

Overall a lot of electric cars about.

A Jaguar X-Type in the background. Seen a few of those.




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Travels over. It's a windy night in Calais - we may have a choppy crossing. 933 miles to this point.

Apart from a couple of new tyres I had fitted this trip the Mercedes has been big problem free - the drivers electric window sticks, the sun roof has become reluctant and the front suspension has developed a squeak but nothing to hold up progress.

Hope you enjoyed that scamper around the French auto scene.



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Everybody's going to France this year!  You can tell, actually: the roads are full of Brit-registered cars.  Of course where I am, and this week being half-term, might have something to do with that.

@lesapandre: thank you!  It's been tres jolie!

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