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European Roadtripping


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Got a Revue Technique for the Citroen SM  - how many village garages bought the Revue and tackled one of these - not many.

I expect Citroen expected to sell many more of these 'grand routiers' than they did.

Very few old hydraulic Citroens around. Seen just one CX, an estate. No DS and not even any XM or BX. Plenty of C5 about still though.


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Reports of about 800, 000 protesting on the streets on May 1.

540 arrests and 406 police injured. 

Meanwhile out here in the countryside not a sign of anything...this is predominantly an urban thing.

Another mass action planned for June - but no problems with fuel availability up to this point luckily.


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Got this today at a market - from Brtish Leyland's heyday when their enterprise spanned the world. 

Such a shame British cars are still well regarded here - I saw a Rover 75 today and a TR6 and a MGB.

Also one of the new MG4 electrics on a country road - maybe they will catch-on in France.


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BMW 'The Pleasure of Driving'. 

Not so many BM or Mercedes about on country roads - there are more French cars than I remember last time - seems like the French are buying a lot of French cars again over other marques.

I found a reliable WiFi to upload my pictures.

Breakdowns 0. 



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2 hours ago, lesapandre said:

And in the unknown to me vehicle department... this is a Fiat Tipo [?] pick-up I papped. In good as new condition too.


They were sold as Fiat Strada here but are probably called something else in other markets.

And thank you for taking the time to share photos and about your trip, I find it interesting.

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Outside a garage. I mostly see at least one 2CV a day on the road - all look restored and a lot in what looks like everyday use.

The new stricter French MoT seems to have driven most 'bangers' of any type off the road.

In two weeks in use: AX - about 5; XM 0; BX 0; CX 1; DS 0; Traction Avant 2; Saxo many; C5 many; SM 0; Peugeot 205 4; 106 many; 605 1. 


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Voiture Sans Permis. Lots of these about - this is an older basic one - the more modern ones are a lot more jazzy.

Can be driven from age 14 and until 2022 did not require a CT test (Mot). Drivers need what is called an AM Licence - a simpler form of driving licence.



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