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I've seen someone being pulled in by the police for (I think) driving at 60mph in lane 3 of 4 while all other lanes are mostly empty.

It was just south of Peterborough services on the A1M where there are 4 lanes and pretty much no one on the road yesterday evening. I came along at about 70 and saw the police join the road so I eased off to a real 70 and let them pass. In the distance they light up a black Focus (19 plate) which eventually woke up and moved across to the inside lane where it stopped. Being a nosey bugger I snapped it on my dash cam and at home checked that it was taxed and had a valid MOT / insurance. So all I can imagine is that it was stopped for not keeping left unless overtaking :)

That's my hope anyway. People doing 60 in middle or outside lanes for no reason really annoys me...  

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8 hours ago, Tommyboy12 said:

I see plenty of people getting tugged on that stretch but it's usually for barrelling down the hill on the northbound side doing 100mph+. Someone was clocked at 130mph on that stretch last year.

That's pretty easy actually - coming off the A14 it's often necessary to build up some speed and all too easy to keep going.

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