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End of shite?


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34 minutes ago, sierraman said:

The roof looks like the Singing Detectives back. 🤣

I don’t know why they give them away to be honest when car take back or whatever will furnish your palms with a minimum £300 and not come asking silly questions, talking to the fourth wall like uncle Quentin Wilson or arriving in a pack of 4. 

I assume here the motivation isn't money - the owner has sentimental feelings about the car and prioritises it going to somebody who will fix it and use it, or at least make it worth saving and selling to someone who will keep it


That might all be in vain or sentimental or pointless or whatever, but that's what the owner appears to want

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Found a cars nest last week. Parked on the car park for a block of flats. Looking round, obviously been abandoned for some time by the tyres and debris accumulated, at least five cars. Zafira B, Meriva A, PT Cruiser, A4 Cabriolet (solid red, with major laquer peel) and 10 reg Focus Estate. Latters Mot expired in 2020,with nothing particularly bad in the history. Theres also a block of garages. Wonder what could be lurking in them?

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