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Grizz’s OCD Awesome ASTRO Van 🚙 Megane SCENIC 1.5dci 🚙. Peugeot 206 CC FOR SALE 🐸 Jeep up for grabs too.🚨


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Here’s a 7 plus day job update.

And I have only scratched the surface with this.

Too many photos of this lot but hey…… you can scroll faster ehh??

As mentioned before, a wise man once said that doing one thing every day is progress. Even if you just touched something that made you think about how you should proceed with it.

So the last 19 days, starting on 20 February I have been spending time in the garage sorting, clearing, cleaning, planning on how to take control of my life back.

As there is not much happening in the job market, partly because companies seem to wait for the end of financial year before they start spending money on new team builds etc. I know that when I am back in the daily slog and have limited time for hobbies etc. this job will be a nightmare to try achieve.

So getting my shit in order now while I have loads of time will make life easier.

Who remembers what they did at Christmas 2014 ?
That was 9 years ago.
The world was a different place back then.

Facebook remembers.
It also remembered that in March 2015 the Chevy was being torn down for a 6 month rebuild over summer.

So this was back then.

Of course a lot has changed since then.






Made redundant 

Travel and discovered America 

Loads of car builds


Life goes on.


So I started by packing away and tidying the tools etc used in the Rezin Rockit build.
Changing layout and ditching stuff.

In order to make space I tried giving away some stuff.
Amazingly nobody wanted to collect anything from my house.

So I decided to put a price on stuff and suddenly up to 8 punters for a diesel space heater and yesterday 5 people wanted a £5.00 propane burner torch.

I still have way more crap than I need. 95% of my tools and junk are used but functional and not expensive but makes me happy.

The money I have made from the junk (some stuff is brand new and unused) is going into a savings kitty to possibly buy something stupid. We have to see how it unfolds.

Some of the stuff that’s gone is not represented in the pics.

But I have done a ton of preparation for when I get started with the 1966 C10 truck that has patiently waited for me.

I am still a long way from done with the tidy up, junk clearance and identification and sorting of the Chevy parts but it will happen.


One of the bigger jobs was to sort and arrange the parts that went with various builds and subjects.
Bodywork tools

Paint guns



Rattle cans

Pneumatic tools 


Steering Wheels

And much more.


I cleared two cabinets to move a load of bodywork stuff into from inside the garage. This was two days work including regular daily stuff.

Bloody chilly at 4’C plus cutting winds.


Hard to see the changes.


Tools. Paints. Order. OCD?







One of the most daunting challenges facing me would be all the boxes of car parts etc on the shelving unit to the left of the cabinets.

During the clear out I also found 8 car and truck batteries. Two of which could be rescued. One went to John as a backup to an alarm system and the other was put on a trickle charger in my garage.
The rest went next door, along with all the wiring looms etc for Mickey to go weigh in for beer money at the scrapyard recycling plant.

And so far, excluding the stuff I have given away, sold or put on the sidewalk for recycling, I have junked about 12 double bagged 100 liter bin liners of junk for recycling.

By last night after John had done the Astro radio and sound system, this was where my tidying up was



Four more bags of heavy junk, plastic, wood, metal, three car radio/CD/tape players etc ready for next bin day.

The boxes all empty, waiting for me to arrange some of the C10 parts in there.


Not sure how much time all the junk inside the garage will take to process and sort out.

But it will get done.



Ultimately the C10 is waiting.

Yesterday it actually donated some audio plugs from what is left of its wiring loom to the Astro Van audio rescue that John was working on. @nickwheeler had come around for a coffee and a chat and moral support but was quickly roped into crawling into the C10 cab to rummage around under the dash, looking for these elusive parts that were not in my stash.

Many hands make light work and all that.


Battered and bruised but ready to be raised from the ashes.

I believe the truck will be back better than before. 



With half the dy gone, I think I need to get my butt in gear and get down there and touch something.

Thanks for checking in.

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5 hours ago, Dick Longbridge said:

Great to see this one after so long, Grizz. As mentioned previously, I followed your build thread on the blue many years ago and always wondered what became of it. 

There's no time like now for cracking on 😉

ditto, can't believe it has been that long.

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20 hours ago, Morris 63 said:

Congrats to John. The ability to have even basic sounds makes such a difference on trips.

Being colour blind most electrical stuff is a dark art to me!

I struggle to see electrons 

So its certainly not my thing. 

John is a  one legged driving school instructor. 

He is super patient and methodical in problem solving. 

18 hours ago, Dick Longbridge said:

Great to see this one after so long, Grizz. As mentioned previously, I followed your build thread on the blue many years ago and always wondered what became of it. 

There's no time like now for cracking on 😉

Thanks mate

We all respond differently to similar situations. 
My wife leaving me knocked me and over time the truck, which has been “ours” drifted into oblivion and became invisible to me. 
So now it has forced my hand. 
Being unemployed and having time on my hands…. It became a good thing to do. 

18 hours ago, SilverMachine said:

awesome progress fella! it dose look like the c10 cab is against the cupboards, and as though it would not fit in if it was on the chassis with its bed!


I did/do not quite understand what you meant. 
But it is a large thing. 

13 hours ago, 666jjp said:

ditto, can't believe it has been that long.

Thanks mate. 
Time flies. 

In the mean time I have gone and built a few others 

Hopefully I can get going and keep going with this one till it’s done. 

And find a decent job that I want to do. 

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Did very little yesterday. 



But still managed a couple of slow hours. 



Visitors, shitty weather and forums can easily suck up many hours. 



I started on the odd little, custom radio surround plate that has to go in here. 

There will still need to be some trimming to the mounting bracket that stands proud by 15mm






So I pulled out a bit of the Mazda Bongo interior trim that I had used for the rear door trim making. 







Established  that I had enough material to make it work. 

Marked out, cut out and finished the plate. 

Followed by cutting it to size to fit the radio face trim. 







Cutting with a grinder is not ideal but a Dremmel was going to take too long  





Some more finishing  and the whole thing seems right  


On the old cut up dash surround  





I was pleased with it  


Last job in the cold, some satin black paint  







next job is to cut back the mounting bracket in the dash and to see if it all comes together  




Fingers crossed   




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On 06/03/2024 at 08:27, grizz said:




it looks like the cab back is against a wall, so it seems like if it was assembled it would be sticking out the front of the garage!

radio looks decent, as dose the panel, for both the rear door speakers not making any noise id suspect the amp wiring first, if both amps are working and getting signal from the radio try and find the wires going to the doors. it takes a bit of fatigue on opening doors and they can also be pinched but its more likely the amp is either not getting a signal or being switched on. its also possible the previous owner may have disconected them or removed the amp remote wire or phono plugs if the speakers had become rattly,

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2 minutes ago, SilverMachine said:

it looks like the cab back is against a wall, so it seems like if it was assembled it would be sticking out the front of the garage!

radio looks decent, as dose the panel, for both the rear door speakers not making any noise id suspect the amp wiring first, if both amps are working and getting signal from the radio try and find the wires going to the doors. it takes a bit of fatigue on opening doors and they can also be pinched but its more likely the amp is either not getting a signal or being switched on. its also possible the previous owner may have disconected them or removed the amp remote wire or phono plugs if the speakers had become rattly,


Gotcha regarding size. 

It fits that space fully assembled. 

But the garage is actually 30’x30’ in total 

I had built what was meant to be a spray booth in there 8 years ago. 

Door speakers all round work now. 

And sound is more than ample. 

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So final-ish part of Astro radio replacement. 

Speakers will be done as well when I get to it. 



Amazing how a little job 50 meters from the garage can take a bit longer than anticipated. This includes fetching tools, changing screws and various other things that kept reminding me that I should have reversed the van down to the garage. 



I didn’t do that of course. 



Another one of the jobs, after another good wash with some ammonia based cleaner (Jif, Cif, Handy Andy)  to remove grime and get into grooves, was to treat the plastic plastic polish gel and wipe it down. 



You can see the difference between before and after. Bringing it closer to the van’s original tone. 

Keeping in mind my van is a 90 model and the donor was a 95. 

GM quality control clearly could not manage their suppliers to even keep colours matched. 






Next up was a repaint of the plate that @Westbay had objected to. Mainly because painting at 6’C is not advisable as the paint reacts differently to a warmer day. 

Which had left the satin finish a distinct variation of matte black. 

I wanted satin to blend in more. 



The leather texture of the Mazda Bongo plastics came through better as well. 






making the dash fit back over the radio and bracket necessitates a lot of grinding back and modifying. 



Thank goodness for cheap, super handy tools. 






In order to get the macking plate in and also to have the radio face where it needs to be I made some high density foam packing strips and used longer screws. 

This worked really well. 







Finally dash returned one more time to ensure factory fit established and screws added to keep it all together. 






Last job, replace all the blanking plates to the dash  and try out the radio  




Success!! !! 





I will be putting all the four mirror, aircon etc switches up for sake on the local UK Astro group as someone is bound to need something to replace a failed unit. 



Today it is back to clearing out and sorting more of the shelves in the unseen part of the garage. 

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28 minutes ago, Westbay said:

"Westbay objected to ..."  never !  just an observation ! 😂🤣😂


But, it does look 100% better ! Well done ! , perhaps I should make a few less 'observations'    🤔😊

FTFY 👍🏼😁

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18 hours ago, SilverMachine said:

thats finished it off nicely looks better than factory!


It certainly beats the monstrosity that was there and fixes the gaping hole. 


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Always loved a Woody. 


Now some of you, who, like me, love words, will know that the word has multiple meanings. 


Including in no specific order: erection, place with trees, a fragrance note, a taste in many things, wine, Whiskey, mushrooms, musical tone, an automotive style enhancement, a cartoon character. 

The list goes on and on. 


I went out to look at a car yesterday. 


Well, it was not the first or second time, I really went out to see if it had been sold yet as it was introduced to me at around midday on 10th February. 


But being in the unenviable position of owning not one, two or three, but FOUR PERFECTLY CAPABLE CARS it really had to blow my mind if it were to come home with me. Rules are after all rules. And the rule is normally two cars, a shitter/project and a Sunday toy, with a company car out front. Unexpected Redundancy saw the company car being replaced by the VW Caddy as daily, The Astro bought in August before redundancy and the Rezin Rockit being an amazing build in 2022/23 equated the project. Then came the completely unexpected arrival of the 206CC  and my current in process, unearthing of my 1966 Chevy C10 stalked restoration project which now will have to go ahead, once I have cleared the rest of the garage space and done an inventory of the 100’s of new parts and to be cleaned up parts. Then the build will recommence and maybe my YouTube channel will start having a more focused if predictable content stream. 


Over time this changed somewhat. 


I had already introduced it to you all before when I went to look and asked 101 questions. 


The last 4-5 weeks I have been driving by where the Camaro was parked a few times like a masochist. Even Sally has reported a couple of times that she had seen it was still there. 


But I have not been able to get rid of any of the existing fleet. 


Admittedly I have not been trying very hard. 


Yesterday I posted off a parcel and went home via a 5 mile detour to see if the car in question, the Camaro, was still there. 


It was. 


As was the son of the owner, and his sister in a big Range Rover Overfinch V8 Twin Turbo diesel. 


So I reversed onto the drive. 


Spent some time with them indoors being offered furniture and crockery etc. 


We ended up speaking about the blue elephant in the room. 


A Woody that the sisters kids used to ride in, her son is 21 years old now. 

I showed interest and asked if the woody would be available for rehoming. 


They agreed that if I was that interested it could go with me. 


So I then got the owner to start up and show me the Camaro. 


Took some videos and photos and found out one injector on the motorway is dead. It is accessible. And that the waterpump is leaking. Add to that, the four cracked up dead tyres that need replacing and I was feeling more and more that I needed an unloved model Camaro in my life. 


Once done, the owner drove off to the council tip with his Overfinch  loaded with the result of breaking up his parents’ furniture and throwing it away. Sad really. 


And I got going with unearthing my yard find Woody. 


As found. 




Took a few minutes to unearth and remove the garden bed in the trunk. also many many snails. 


At this point I did wonder if this pic was indicative of what the Camaro represents. 




But of course being the man I am, I don’t shy away from a fight…..


Managed to load it into the Caddy and headed West. 




Once back home it was unload and get it into the back yard. 

Hosepipe in the rain and give it a quick wash and hose down 


I was really happy. 


These are rare AFAIK. 


Love  it. 


I took it down to the carport and parked it next to the Rezin Rockit. 





As for the CAMARO……


I did make a quick short video of it starting and running. 


The exhaust note is really subtle and pleasant. 


My Astro van is a bit more of a thug.


It also sports a 4.3 V6 compared to the Camaro’s 3.4 V6. 


Getting into and sitting in the Camaro is akin to sitting down on a skateboard. 

And I possibly felt like a tank commander when he directs his machine down the road. 

I had no clue where to front and rear of the car started or ended. 


Like sitting in a blacked out fishbowl. 








And I still don’t know. 

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This morning I got up, fed George and took a walk down the garden to my carport. 

What greeted me brought a great smile to my heart and face. 

I love the stance on the woody. 


The rest of the day was spent running around, post office, phone calls and cleaning the floor in the second half of the garage
Unpacking the first shelf, I found new parts for the C10 bought in 2015 from amongst others LMC in Kansas City and other places, never unpacked. 

Loads more to get done, cleaning, sorting, mental inventory. 

More later. 

Feeling like the Mojo is returning at last. 


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10 hours ago, RichardK said:

That Woody looks excellent!

But the Camaro... that would probably tip me over to selling the camper if there was a Camaro to walk past every day to tempt me. It'll make the Astro feel very at home though!


Until I move two cars out, the Camaro is safe. 

Saw this last night…… 


Newer, bigger 3.8 liter but not really cheap, yet cheap. 



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5 minutes ago, Westbay said:

Yup, that Camaro could get me into some serious trouble ....  😇

But would you like to own it? 

Getting into it is like using a pair of crutches and having to sit down on a skateboard. 

Getting out is much easier……


Just roll to the left and drag yourself out. 



Saying that………



I still think it’s bound to end up here. (If I can clear two cars out ) 

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