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Grizz’s OCD Awesome ASTRO Van 🚙 Megane SCENIC 1.5dci 🚙 Peugeot 206 CC 🐸 ROFFLE 🐸 Jeep up for grabs too.🚨


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22 hours ago, lesapandre said:

Citroen Visa/C15 instrument binnacle you have there.

Cool. Thank you. 

23 hours ago, mk2_craig said:


That has just brought back some bad memories of a period regularly driving Dennis Trident buses of circa 2000 vintage with that same multi function stalk. Not comfortable on the hand in constant all day use, and on one vehicle I once had to radio in for a changeover bus to be sent out because the stalk loosened to the extent that it kept flashing main beam (in the middle of the day).

Made me smile. 
I have been on tje road 32 years and have some memories that are distinctly vivid for all the wrong reasons. 

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So what has happened?

Time well spent in my garden and 4 days up in Shropshire helping Craig to move some of his jobs on.

It was not hugely successful, but it was progress nonetheless.

Previous videos show a bit of what we got to do.

One of the rewards over the weekend, was to drag out Craigs 1950’s Messerschmitt KR250 replica.

The reward was to try getting it to run after 14 years in storage.

So not so much a “find” but a barn-release I guess.



Hopefully this weekend will see me get some Canta time.

Fingers crossed. 

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1 hour ago, somewhatfoolish said:

Mr Ambassador, with your luxurious vinyl lining you are spoiling us! 😎


Certainly am………


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My younger brother “Dozer” retired in February after more than 41 years in the military.

So being a pensioner means he has lots of time to create random stuff.

Todays creation was a flower and bug, after servicing his motorcycle.

34” or 850mm tall. 

As a first time for something like this, he says most of the time was spent swearing and 25% of it making up and welding it.





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I’m was chatting with Dennis Over the weekend about a load of stuff.


Including the upcoming USA road trip.


He has just sold off his whole sprint car racing setup, a load of engines, frames, trailers, specialist tools, race cars etc.

And it reminded me, before I had my “New YouTube Channel “ I had a channel where I loaded some stuff.

This is mainly just for some of you guys, girls who have not seen these clips for Lake of the Ozarks racieway.

Startup and preparation.

A typical Missouri Friday night. 


At the track.







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Been doing what I usually do…..

Researching, lusting after a load of stuff.

Missed out (sort of) on that red SAAB last week, or was it two weeks ago.

So tomorrow I will ask the contracts boss for a day off on Tuesday to do a short road trip. 

£68.00 for a one way train ticket via London and then up country.

The road route coming back registered as 200 miles.

So hopefully a decent run to show it is good.

With this new arrival, the S10 with 40k miles will be for sale.

RULEZ IS RULEZ. One out, one in to keep balance.

Though I still have to shift another. 

Destination: SCUNTHORPE 


So this weekend very little was done other than much telephone and internet time.

Oh, and cut the grass.

Weekend gone. 




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Good road trip from a new purchase is a joyful thing. I find joy even when it transpires I may have bought a lemon. Always have the thought that if it gets me home its a keeper.

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10 minutes ago, Rustybullethole said:

Good road trip from a new purchase is a joyful thing. I find joy even when it transpires I may have bought a lemon. Always have the thought that if it gets me home its a keeper.



I am super neurotic, because I am not the break down on the road and fix it type. 

So regardless of how good it turns out to be…. I stress till I turn the kettle on and walk around it gloating. 

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16 hours ago, Rustybullethole said:

Looking forward to seeing what you bring back. Have bought some right turds and all have got me home so sure you'll be fine. If not it'll be an adventure. 

I am hoping for it not to be a total turd, but rather something that needs an enema and some cleaning up inside. 





Well, still got insurance to get sorted for a day, or do I just bite the bullet and go full year at £240.00

A week is £75.00 which is steep just to drive 200 miles.

In the mean time……

The very important road trip snacks have been bought, a few bottles of beer water/soda to be added.

Oh, and we have a toll crossing over the Thames river at Dartford, collection and management recently went to a new company, so it is a total cluster$£€# as nobody seems to be able to get payments and admin done.
I have tried repeatedly to get the new car registered and failed, despite it recognising it by brand, colour and model. 

Modern times, modern tech ehhh. 


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Sally will be taking me to the station in a bit for the 3.5 hr trains ordeal.

Let’s hope no cancellations.

Last night she came over for dinner and predictably in her usual dry way just said: “YOU WILL BE NEEDING THIS”

Presenting the VAX Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner. 

Included a new bottle of shampoo, which it will be needing.


From the very very limited information at hand, I know one of the first stops will be a serious deep clean.

Then the usual new car investigation to make a list of broken, worn, missing bits. 

And then the fun starts.


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Mmm astro van. Lot to like about that Grizz well bought. Straight 6? Can see why the wet vac may be required. Proper shagging wagon. 

Edited by Rustybullethole
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