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Autoshite Calendar: Feb 2023 - Jan 2024, Polls Closed, design now at the printers Chod with dates on it, displayed for others to gawp at


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Well, the polls are in and I've realised a few things;

  • I can't do an election night special, because I don't look like Jon Snow
  • I can't do graphic design for shit, I wish I'd paid more attention to Mr Ensor, in 3rd year, but he was a jug-eared prick.
  • Vistaprint are gobshites, they put their prices up today (Monday) and pulled the discount that I had, which nearly made the whole thing unviable.  Never mind, I found an alternative printer.

Anyway, the results are in:

February: Rob88h's Mini & Caravan combo
March: Rob88h's select fleet photo
April: Buttery Base Astra
May: Huggy
June: Joint winners* Zels' Beige driveway overload and Spottedlaurel's Laurel <-- I squeezed them both onto one page, because I couldn't decide between them
July: Wibble's Cortina
August: Fordperv's Capri
September: HMC's Bentley at the tip
October: BorniteIdentity's Sierra bASE
November: Six-Cylinder's Peugeot 404
December: Rob88h's Christmas Mini
January: Wibble's Senator B
Cover: You'll find out when you get it!

Thank you to everyone who voted, compiled lists, answered my daft questions, measured their letterboxes @gm and corrected my gaffes, it's appreciated.

Also thank you to all of the people who have paid so far.  (That isn't a dig at those yet to pay, there is still plenty of time).  The calendar design is complete, I've just got to call the printers tomorrow as the website is trying to charge £10.99 delivery per calendar, I'm hoping that it's a bug with the website!  I've had a stressful night shift with all this, so I ought to get some work done.

I'll update the thread when the box arrives from the printers.  Once each tranch of envelopes has been packed for Royal Mail or courier, I'll put a list of names up here and let you know when they are getting dispatched.  Soon I hope, otherwise I might have the pre-cross off early February for you all.

@MorrisItalSLX I haven't forgotten you, Tim our antipodean friend wasn't picking his phone up when I called him.

I have ordered several extra in case of lossage in the post or if anyyne else would like to put their hand up for a calendar.

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  • CaptainBoom changed the title to Autoshite Calendar: Feb 2023 - Jan 2024, Polls Closed, design now at the printers Chod with dates on it, displayed for others to gawp at

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