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Lanzarote - Arrecife What You Did There

Sunny Jim

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He was going at a fair lick (for a Panda!) @mat_the_cat but I am still swaying. 

I'm on Porto Santo at the moment @Keymaster but we're hopefully heading to the main island next so I'll check out the Panda tours though the opportunity to hire a Renault Twizy is also tempting!

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On 16/01/2023 at 18:57, AnnoyingPentium said:

Any cake?

Cake achieved.


Thus fortified I went for another walk.


Wooden load tray pick ups are a common sight here.


Check out the kwalitee roof repair on this.


Mitsubishis seem popular (as is lacquer peel).


@JMotorfuck your Mitsubishis I've got a horse outside. 


Some local shiters obviously do their own bodywork repairs.


Given the saline maritime environment I'm surprised this hadn't dissolved along time ago.




This place truly is an island paradise. Even the buses are shite. 


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8 hours ago, MantaGTE85 said:

I'm trying to think what car those alloys belonged to before ending up on that Corsa A? They're not GM ones that I recognise. It's a nice find though.

Fiat Tipo 16V? 

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12 hours ago, MantaGTE85 said:

I'm trying to think what car those alloys belonged to before ending up on that Corsa A? They're not GM ones that I recognise. It's a nice find though.


4 hours ago, EspenO said:

Fiat Tipo 16V? 

I was thinking that but they’re subtly different 



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14 hours ago, MantaGTE85 said:

I'm trying to think what car those alloys belonged to before ending up on that Corsa A? They're not GM ones that I recognise. It's a nice find though.

They remind me of escort wheels. 

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The anchorage we found on arriving in Madeira turned out to be somewhat exposed to a building swell which led to a restless night with us being tossed relentlessly.


So we sought refuge in the marina at Funchal.


At night in a swanky bar surrounded by seamen where I got some cock down my throat led to relief and a sound night's sleep. 


Went to explore the city this morning. Not much in the way of chod to be seen but I did spot @loserone's Maderian cousin


outside a building shite.


More from your intrepid correspondent soon.


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An journey into the gifferzone today with an excursion to the botanical gardens. Think slip-on sketchers and 'travel trousers' with elasticated waists... My mate is a keen gardener and although it wasn't really my cup of tea to be fair to him he's started playing a game, 'What shit car will Jim stop to photograph next'.

So, today's spots and some flowers.

No idea but looks safe*


Talking of safety...


Toyota pick up


with all mod cons


Honda Accord Coupe 


It doesn't rain that much here but it's still necessary to tape up the sunroof on a Golf.


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Classics Corner. These two were parked together and appeared to be in regular use. Peugeot 504



And my favourite spot of the day, Datsun 200.



Dacia Lodgy taxi


Bird of Paradise 


Erm, not sure. Used Johnny Tree?


Considering how shonky much of the local construction work appears the Madeirans know how to build a fly-over.


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The climate does seem to be kind to 4x4s that would rust at home. Suzuki Vitara.


Ideal for the local twisties, Seicento Sport.


Though I'd pick this GT Turbo over the Fiat.



Almost as ubiquitous as the Merc taxi, a fucking pan pipe band.


Yes,  they were playing Simon and bleedin' Garfunkel!

Tchau for now, your Man In Madeira signing off for today. 


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Today I got on a bus to the other side of the island to go and see Santana.



How would I know, why should I care? Please don't bother trying to find her

She's not there


Here she is, she was hiding in the garage. 



Lancia returning to the earth from whence it came.



What a peach, ironically locally it's a Quattro.


Fiat pick up.


Not sure about the wheels on this, are they correct but the wrong colour? 


I'll get me goat. Time for the bus back to Funchal.


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