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    • By M'coli
      Here are some spots from my recent holiday to Sutherland, most are phone pictures:
      Bedford CA in Lochinver:

      Humber Sceptre that's been in the same spot since at least 1999, again in Lochinver:

      Non-scene Golf in Lochinver:

      Holiday couple from around Cambridge in this:

      We stayed in the youth hostel at Achmelvich, at the caravans was this:

      Round at Clachtoll:

      In Beauly on the way home

      Just north of Ballachulish bridge we saw this in a side road, and slowed to get a wing mirror shot - a German registered series 3 Daimler Double-6!
      Next morning, I went up to see Sloy dam before making me way back to Yorkshire, and this pulled in just in front of me!

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