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Happy new shite. First collection of 2023


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2 hours ago, sporty-shite said:

Some good guessing up to now. One's fairly close. Some of  the others are way off. 

Also: poo count is zero. 

lunnun is bad enuff without taking a dump

did you give faberge a profit on the honda he bought :D


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37 minutes ago, cs_c4s said:

Mini adventure….

And we have a winner 🏆 


It drove back a treat, albeit a little bit chilly. 

But then the ungrateful bastard gave me this20230102_180749.thumb.jpg.0ff1d0f5949835d6478b222925dabb42.jpg

Ah well...... It'll give me something to do tomorrow!  

Many thanks to @hpi_matrix for an easy deal and a lift from the station that saved me an hour. 

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8 minutes ago, hpi_matrix said:

Glad it made it back ok, light could be something to do with the thermostat? 

Possibly. It only came on after I stopped at Stafford. I'll have a look over it tomorrow.  Probably something and nothing. 

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