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Shite resolutions for 2023…


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I`m intending to clear my parents car port out this year, including the Panda, which hasn't been on the road since 2012.. Whether I`ll have the time or inclination to finish welding the 10x5" patch in the sill & change the front bushes so it can be MOT`d remains to be seen... Repair my sticking MIG..  Got to decide what to do with the XJR (which needs a lot more welding than the Panda, new fuel pumps, an engine mount, track rod ends, brake pipes, + other bits I`m sure), & then have to decide what to do about the rest of my ULEZ unfriendly fleet, possibly with some pre-1982 ULEZ compliant shite.. 🤔😒
Also need to clear my loft, which has just as many car parts in it as my Panda has on & in it..




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Get the T5 through the MOT, ideally without another big bill for welding.

Assuming it manages that, maybe this is the year I start treating it nice and replace all the broken bits of trim. May even wash it for the first time in two years of ownership.

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26 minutes ago, wesacosa said:

my S2 XM 2.1 TD will likely be up for sale later in the year unless the ULEZ gets overturned 

Fingers crossed I’m in a position to buy at the right time!

Although, more fingers crossed that the ulez expansion is overturned. 

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Sell some cars is the priority! Anyone want a left hand drive Maestro, or a CityRover? 

It would be great to get the Astra saloon painted and on its way to being reassembled, and perhaps get the 800 Fastback on the road. We shall see... Most likely neither will happen! 


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I currently have 2 out of 8 (plus Miss Cats Corsa) on the road, getting this to 4 out of 6 would be nice.

Easiest candidates are the Chinese 125 I just bought (fix oil leak and indicator then MOT) and the 405 (finally sort out the untensionable AUX belt, a couple of small welded patch's, tyres and probably brakes after sitting for ages).

I could do with loosing at least one of the dead Rovers before the neighbours lynch me.

Plans are there for the length of the country on the 125, FotU, daughters prom and Shrewsbury Steam fair in the 1310 and just getting the 405 further than the village.

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1. Finish the MG Midget

2. Figure what I'm going to do with the Dolomite (i.e. finish or sell)

3. Get the Boxster wheel alignment done and have some fun.


Stretch goal - do a light rebuild on the BGT engine.

Hopefully none of that will be interrupted by inappropriate purchases. That said, a keenly priced Spitfire, MK1 Mini or Frogeye Sprite would possibly make that hard to keep. I've also got a lead on a mega cheap Metro GTi that if the body is in good condition, maybe hard to resist. 

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Actually fix as many of the mopeds as possible, at least to a point where they're useable. Out of eleven or so, only two of them can be ridden on the road. The latest SS50 I think might be first to start receiving some work.

Suzuki 185: Fit the new indicators, the battery compartment area is a right mess plus the whole bike wants tidying up, really.

Beach buggy: get my mate round to sort the brakes (don't work) and clean the fuel tank out and reconnect it.

Honda C200/S90/whatever it's called: Get it registered, hopefully with the original plate, then run it round for a while once it's been wired up properly.

The other C200/90 thing: probs needs some new points and/or fine tuning. Would love to go green-laning on it.

KC100: Clean the carb and then decide on whether the random bits kicking about would help turn it into something not standard, but useable.

Merc ML: Maybe sort the cold starting thing out. 




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Learn to weld properly

Get Renault 6 welded up and tidied

Get Volvo welded up and tidied and sort the brakes properly

Get Visa back to a fully usable state

Sort Rover 75 properly (T4 session to fix electrical gremlins, get aircon working, sort minor water ingress in boot, gearbox service)

Soundproof Innocenti, and ideally tidy up the cosmetics

Try to use the Toyota more

Continue to drive the 107 until it breaks or fails the MOT

Get the Spacy back on the road

Finish sorting the Mobylette

Not take on any more projects...

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I’m on 3 out of 3 with the Landie, Speed Trip and Cashcow all in full working order /smug insufferable twat/. 

I keep meaning to buy a quick or fun car to replace the latter, having got my speed fix for years from riding motorcycles. I would even settle for something fairly sedate but big engined like an old 325-330. The Nissan is really really usable though and easy and cheap to keep on the road. 

I would really like a tractor too but really need an excuse (no matter how manufactured) to own one. 

I’d quite fancy doing my lgv test too, always wanted to be able to drive a lorry.

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Mini - Boxster brakes & raise ride height, wire up heated seats, reinstate aircon. 

C32 AMG - replace crank sensor, tailgate and give it a good service. 

Golf V6 - replace suspension, service engine and Haldex, replace rear calipers and hatch. Then possibly sell. 


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I forgot, I’d also like to make some progress on the Yugo this year, it’s at the back of the project queue, so it’s essential I do not take on any more projects…. 

I’d also like to reduce the fleet by at least one, maybe 2. 

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Get Capri welding done. Spend money. Try to avoid it turning into one of those projects which takes forever and is permanently half dismantled. 

Sort out the niggles on the Bluebird, then sell it before ULEZ takes hold. 

Buy small, cheap, economical, ULEZ compliant car for local trips. 

Sort out lockup, dispose or properly store stuff. 


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Big year for me... maybe a new job, probably a new house, might get a company car which means the BMW would go and I might flog both the Elise and the Fiat 500 (below) and get an Evora. But then I will still need some shite in my life, so who fucking knows. My Missus fancies a Metro VDP.  So do I. 

Oh, and I'm going to do lots more shite racing, and we're talking about dropping an O series engine into an MX-5 for a laugh and to 'get out' of the top class at Lemons racing and into the useless crapbag class which we might stand a chance of winning. 



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