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    • By MondeoBlues
      I'm just about to go to a place to purchase another financial mistake shitbox, I won't be revealing where I'm going or what I'm buying until it happens. In the meantime, let's have a fun* guessing game as to what I'm buying and from where!!!
      Pictured: breakfast

    • By 2cvspecial
      welcome to my thread folks   
      2015 Suzuki SX4 S cross   SZ-T (disability motor ) 1987 Citroen 2CV Special (Shite Spec)
      my favourite sadly missed motors 2004 Suzuki Ignis GLX  (2014-18)   2003 Daewoo Matiz SE Plus (2007-14)  1999 daewoo Lanos
      favourite quote "   My old man said "Follow the van and  Don't Dilly Dally on the Way",  Miss Marie Lloyd ,  
    • By 2MB
      It’s been a while but the familiar ache/burn got too much and I gave in again. For context I was bidding on a certain vehicle on eBay in early August, missed out on winning it by a fiver or something and called it a draw. As we all know this feeling of nonchalance manifests itself in a desire to do better next time. I put it down to be being the wrong time for such things, seeing as though child number 3 was due to be born in about 60 days’ time. With that in mind, and the feeling of freedom of the first day free from work and/or childcare since March  I put my pushbike on the train, rode it a few stops and  got out at Leeds urban bike park, where I was having a lovely time until I decided to have one more go at a set of jumps. The ground came out of nowhere and twatted me goodstyle in various places, mainly my left (dominant) arm which broke either side of the elbow. 
      None of this matters a great deal but today finds me able to drive again and having won a subsequent eBay auction for a similar vehicle. The first part of the journey is on foot, in to the depths of Ravensthorpe no less

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