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Number plate wanker - show us yours?


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On 12/19/2022 at 2:04 PM, DavieW said:

If you squint the B at the end looks like an 8. I bought this about 20 years ago. There were only this and 2020DW available at the time but I couldn't afford the 2nd one.


I was looking back through my 2022 car shows and I realised I snapped your car at the Glenisla show in August. I was in a green Cavalier. Great day.

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2 hours ago, omegod said:

Forgot I had this one too, shite 



There's a car goes through our village regularly with the reg K155 LMW, which is my wife's initials. I always say I'm going to put a note under the wiper asking if they'll sell it but I always get the reply "don't you dare".

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