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Audi A2


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2 hours ago, SiC said:

Btw these early FSI lumps much prefer Super Unleaded and really don't like 95 octane. 

I’d read this, so filled it with superplus unleaded or whatever the premium is called, apparently they run better and more economical with it than the normal stuff. Good to have it confirmed, thanks!

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1 hour ago, Sigmund Fraud said:

EML was due to an EGR flow code when I owned the car, hence the EGR pipe replacement (done during Alan Prost's tenure). A VCDS scan will help you work out if it's still the same code (in which case the valve itself may be to blame), or whether there's another issue. The good news is that the car's age means a lit EML will not be an MoT failure anyway

Good to know, thanks. I believe life with the fsi sounds like needing to get used to seeing the EML on. Sounds like EGR issues are pretty standard. Just good to know what’s causing it. 

1 hour ago, Sigmund Fraud said:

Oh, and get yourself on the A2OC forum. There is loads of know-how on there, and it's also the best place to source A2-specific parts at reasonable prices.

On there already! What a great place! The 924OC is friendly and supportive but the A2OC is something else!  So much useful stuff and knowledgable people on there!

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Re EGR flow: 

Check the port nearest to the throttle body, they get coked up. 

It's also worth checking if the flow flap is operating correctly, the teeth could strip out and that's especially likely on a ~20 year old engine. You won't get a code for the actuator itself because the ECU thinks it's still working as it's moving, but it may not actually be actuating anything. Hope that makes sense!

Worth checking. Don't just chuck another EGR at it before checking everything else unless you have a good idea it's borked or can see it's physically blocked etc. 

1st March 2003 onwards for EML to fail MOT so as mentioned above, you're lucky there. 

Remember, for as long as the ABS light is illuminated, it's disabled and you don't have any ABS!

Ride height, I bet there were a couple of options for springs and shocks (did these have a sports* suspension option?) And unfortunately the wrong ones may have been fitted. It doesn't really matter, and the difference is rarely more than 40mm or so. But that might be your answer

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I’m really starting to hanker for one of these- can anyone give me an indication of what they’re like for interior space compared to something like a Mk1 Focus? 

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2 hours ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

 interior space compared to something like a Mk1 Focus? 

About the same size but feels tall rather than long. Rear legroom similar. Boot shorter but deeper. Narrower, would struggle to get 3 adults in the back comfortably. Some A2s like ours have 2 rear seats &  belts, some have 3 seats/belts but don’t think the rear seat split folds on the 5 seaters

You’re welcome to check ours out if a trip to CR6 is convenient. 

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14 hours ago, RoverFolkUs said:

Ride height, I bet there were a couple of options for springs and shocks (did these have a sports* suspension option?) And unfortunately the wrong ones may have been fitted. It doesn't really matter, and the difference is rarely more than 40mm or so. But that might be your answer

There were two suspension options (standard and sport), and then different springs depending on the engine fitted and the presence of the optional panoramic roof.

The springs fitted to inconsistant's car are the correct type ; I know, because I had checked the parts catalogue before buying them. They are, however, cheap aftermarket parts rather than genuine Audi. There are threads on the A2OC which suggest many aftermarket spring manufacturers take a "that will do" approach rather than exactly match the original specifications ; this could explain why the ride height may seem a bit on the high side.

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31 minutes ago, Sigmund Fraud said:

There were two suspension options (standard and sport), and then different springs depending on the engine fitted and the presence of the optional panoramic roof.

The springs fitted to inconsistant's car are the correct type ; I know, because I had checked the parts catalogue before buying them. They are, however, cheap aftermarket parts rather than genuine Audi. There are threads on the A2OC which suggest many aftermarket spring manufacturers take a "that will do" approach rather than exactly match the original specifications ; this could explain why the ride height may seem a bit on the high side.

I suspected there might have been a couple of options so that explains it. The aftermarket have possibly confused the factory specifications between each part numbers so the "correct" ones are manufactured longer. As I say, not really an issue as the measurable difference is rarely more than an inch or two, it's just a possible explanation for it

Have had it on modern peugeots where there are two types of shock absorber for no apparent reason other than one being a 45mm knuckle and the other 50mm 🤷 

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  • 5 weeks later...

A bit of progress with the A2...


I had a go at soldering in a bit of temporarily ABS wiring in the drivers wheel arch to see if it was the chaffed wiring that was the problem.



ABS light still on. Our ever helpful neighbour has a fault code reader so he plugged it in to have a look at what was up. Lots of codes showing so reset and had a look at what came back. Code for mechanical failure of the drivers side ABS Sensor showing so that will need replacing to hopefully put that light out and get it MOTed. Other fault codes related to the EGR stuff so not sure whether the EML is on because of the Oil Level Sensor or whether it's something EGR related.



I had a go at the paint on the spoiler. Rather than doing what you're supposed to and check the results of the paint stripper on a tiny bit that is out of sight I merrily slathered the stuff all over, waited, repeated, waited and hosed off.

I mean, I couldn’t make it look any worse could I?


Oh, yes it appears I could.



Going to leave it as it is for the moment while I either work out a plan for refinishing the spoiler or I find a cheap replacement tailgate the same colour to maybe do a swap (the spoiler is bonded onto the tailgate).

Someone on the A2oc site noticed from one of my pics I had the wrong jack.



Correct jack now bought, the old Lupo/Polo/Arouser one available for cost of postage if anyone wants it. 


Managed to empty my first tank of fuel, and according to my calculations it’s managed 33mpg, which has been mostly local driving and a couple of train strike day commutes into London, including my first visit to the multi story car park in Penge. What a place. Very relieved to be in a small manouverable car!


Last week it went to the mechanic for new ABS and oil level sensor, and a general check over. He cleaned out the EGR flaps and pipes and stuff I don't understand. Came back with no warning lights on and he'd even put it through its MOT which was due next week, so it's got a fresh MOT! Hurrah!


I can now spend some time and effort fixing some of the other low level niggles. Looks like it’s a keeper and will remain in the fleet for the time being, so I thought I'd introduce it to the 924, both cars were built in the same ex-NSU Neckarsulm factory 21 years apart!




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  • 5 months later...

Oops, I've let this thread slip a bit, been updating my thread on the A2oc but forgot about this one. Plenty to share in my quest to make this A2 the best it can be. Time for a catch up on A2 ownership!

Back to late Feb/early March, the EML light stayed off for about 10 days and 60 miles then popped back on again. I need to get the neighbour's code reader on it to see if it's serious or one of the low level background irritations that it would seem most A2 FSI owners accept as part of the ownership experience.


The only other thing of note from March is that after three months of ownership I decided to wash it and it now looks lovely, but also unfortunately all the scuffs and scratches are now a bit more visible. Time for a bit of TLC and some time with polishes and paint restorers to see if I can make it look a bit more lovely.
The other exciting thing is that after 3 months of ownership I spotted my first A2 in the wild, a grey/dark silver 51 plate near Redhill hospital. They really are quite rare things. Nothing further to report. Long may it remain that way!

And then bizarrely I spotted 3 in the same day. OK one was ours but even so that's remarkable A2 spottage!





  I had quite a productive day with the A2… neighbour plugged in the code reader thingy and we got a code P0404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Performance. He cleared it and recommended using a can of Wynns EGR cleaner on it to see if that helps. So we’re back to no warning lights.



Small jobs are my favourite. I managed to fix the glovebox handle, it took a bit of force but clipped back into place and seems to work fine, not loose or wobbly so a bit of a mystery how it came off. The rusty number plate screws were annoyoing me a bit so I swapped them for new ones with the proper covers. A tiny job that took only a few minutes but I think it makes just enough difference to be worth the bother.








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I bought a new boot catch thingy off eBay for £10 inc postage, and had a go at removing the boot trim to fit it. All worked fine and we now have a covered boot catch hole as Audi intended. The old one had all the bits there but the hinged bit had snapped so didn’t clip onto the metal plate.





I then turned my time to giving the interior a good clean. Because of the uncertainty around the ABS warning light and short MOT when I bought it I didn’t commit any time to the car until I knew it had passed and was going to stay with us.


I washed it for the first time last weekend, although I only did 2/3 of a job as it started to rain, so the interior was still a bit dirty and messy. Firstly I gave the boot cover a good clean as it was covered in marks and stains. Came up nicely.



Then worked my way forward and got it looking nice and clean and tidy.

It was quite grubby.




I noted a few missing bits and pieces (studs for fitting mats in the passenger footwell, dash fuse cover) I managed to clean up a lot of the hard plastics like the sills and glove box cover so they all look more presentable and now it now feels a bit more like it’s our car.


I also had a proper explore of the under footwell cubby holes just in case they were packed with reams of service history, bottles of booze or £50 notes. Sadly they were empty.



I also made the mistake of trying to look up the option codes for our A2 as listed on the build sheet, and disappeared down quite a rabbit hole, emerging not much the wiser. Half the codes seem to list what isn’t specified.


Next jobs are to get some of the missing/damaged bits and pieces from Ami who is not too far away, and to get the alloys refurbished locally. Hopefully it would be long before it’s looking as good as it can.

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So it's just before Easter 2023, I popped down to see a bloke called Ami in Horsham who is an A2 specialist to collect some bits and pieces, and had a really successful time. Got some great help, advice, experience and suggestions on how to sort out some of my issues. Nothing was too much trouble, he went way above and beyond to help me out and I can’t recommend him highly enough to the A2 owners on here, although chances are they will already know of him because the A2 ownership world is small and supportive and depends on people like Ami to keep cars running nicely.  The other bonus was I got to have my first decent length drive of our A2 down to Horsham, half motorway and half winding B roads. I quite enjoyed it!



I got replacement lower grill bits which Ami kindly fitted for me, and what an instant transformation they make to how tidy it looks!



I got a new set of black floor mats that make the interior look even smarter, along with the missing studs that fit into the passenger footwell carpet for the mats to clip onto.


I replaced the missing cigarette lighter...


I replaced the missing battery +ve terminate cover that was pointed out as missing earlier in the thread when I first posted photos of the car.Hopefully this will make whoever it was that pointed it out happy!

I also got a proper first aid kit and warning triangle to fit in the slot in the left corner of the boot.


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I picked up a space saver spare for under the false floor, since we had a long journey planned over the Easter hols.

The boot struts were deemed to be as expected so I didn’t replace them.

After a bit of a discussion with Ami about my tatty paint ruined rear spoiler I got a replacement one that will give me options for how to fix/replace the tatty one that's on the car at the moment.


I also got, (but haven't fitted just yet) a replacement ignition barrel, door lock and blank keys so I can get the car back to having the same key for both, and a spare.


All these little bits and pieces are really making a difference to how nice and complete it looks. It's no longer a tatty example, it's starting to look like quite a nice example.

I managed to get in another decent length drive as I had tickets to a mid week gig in Bexhill on Sea so whizzed down there after work to see the excellent Devin Townsend with distinguished Autoshitter and general all round lovely bastard @outlaw118.


The run to Bexhill and then another decent length trip out gave 336miles from a tank and brim to brim economy of about 40mpg. The tank before that was all local trips through rural lanes & hills along with commutes to London during train strikes which gave about 30mpg.

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I got the alloys refurbished, and while the bloke was doing them I took the centre caps into work and had a go at removing the nasty water damaged chrome rings to see what could be done as I didn't fancy paying the asking price for a new set.


Pushed the Audi badge through from the back to remove


Used a screwdriver to bend the edge of the metal ring back


The grey plastic behind was very dirty but all four cleaned up really nicely.



I decided to put the Audi badge back on and re fit them without the chrome. Who needs chrome?  Especially on something avant grade like an A2. I think they look great!




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The oil level sensor warning light came on...



I had a look underneath, and gave the sensor connector a clean up. It seems to have worked so far as it's not come back.


The A2 continuing to provide sterling family car service, so we decided to take it on a long trip. We went to Normandy for Easter to visit the D Day landing beaches. We did about 750 miles in a week, lots of French motorway miles 3 up with the boot and a back seat full of luggage. We managed to bring back more wine and cheese in it than expected. Under seat wine bottle storage capacity is excellent!




A2 was no trouble at all, averaged just under 40mpg so 320-340 miles per tank, with 3 passengers and luggage. Sat easily at 70-80, just bothered a bit by side winds so I had to keep a firm grip on the wheel with both hands at times. Plenty of power to maintain a steady speed on the dramatic ups and downs of French motorways. Despite not having the capacity of our previous Volvo V70, it’s an easy car for holidays and longer journeys. I haven’t fallen in love with it, but I do appreciate the ease of living with it.

We went to the Download Festival in it more recently, which was great but the journey back (170 miles) took 6 hours thanks to motorway closures, roadworks and accidents, and all in really hot weather. Fortunately the A2 proved to be a nice sensible camping car that took it all in it’s stride and we got home trouble free but a bit tired and clammy.

It's been a trouble free car to live with and slowly improve. 



It was all going well, maybe too well...

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Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, specifically that really really hot weekend in late June.

My wife was driving home from work the Friday evening and it conked out at the end of our road, about 100m from home. It got pushed onto the drive by some friendly neighbours, and my really really hot weekend was spent trying to diagnose then fix it. 

It was cranking really slowly, hardly at all. Finally got it started with a jump from neighbours car. Ran for a while, battery charging so wasn’t alternator. Tried a new battery but no difference. EPC light also came on. Funny burning/hot solder smell suggested starter motor, so got a replacement and fitted that.





While I was in there I checked out the earth cable from starter to chases as that seems to be a known problem ion these but seems to be in good condition. Horrible job, so much in the way and so little room to move. Started first turn of the key and has been fine since. I put the the 'old' battery back in, it's showing 12.4v with the car off and 14.5v running so battery seems to be in good health.



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That same weekend I decided,  since the weather was good (and I found some of Screwfix’s finest paint stripper in the shed) that I would have a go at sorting out the spoiler. Here's a reminder of what it looked like when I bought it:



Took several goes on the stripper and plenty of scraping, and lots of sanding with the palm sander, but eventually about 4-5 layers came off and left the bare white plastic spoiler. 





I was tempted to leave it white plastic but decided to paint it satin black, with a few coats of filler primer first.

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A couple of coats of filler primer:


First thin coat of satin black


Another coat of black:


One last coat


Once dry took all the masking off to see what it looks like



I’m very happy with how it came out, especially for rattle cans, it doesn’t look 100% perfect by any stretch but most importantly is now isn’t the first thing that grabs your attention when looking at the back of the car. I'll clean up the edges, wash the car and get some better photos.

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I went to an A2 Owners Club events Leighton Buzzword where members book their car in to get upgrade and repair work done by club specialists. Got there just in time for rain, but fortunately the weatherproof gazebo kept us dry and the rain sort of made my resprayed spoiler look more impressive, which was nice!







I’d booked in to fit and programme the ignition barrel locks I got from Ami to put the car back to having the same key for locking/unlocking and for ignition, and a duplicate key too for spare.





I bumped into a fellow A2 owner who just happened to have designed the final version of the Reliant Robin, amongst other things. We had a fab dull bloke chat about GRP, my plastic bikes, glass fibre cars etc. His A2 was stripped out ready for some electrical instalments so it was interesting to see what was under the skin,  especially the sandwich layer at the bottom of the car. with the lower rear footwell that does so much to create the extra space for adults in the back.



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I also discovered a couple of jobs I didn’t realise needed doing. Apparently I had a failing door check strap that threatened to damage the door card, speaker and other door stuff, and I now realise I had been ignoring the creaking door because it’s silent in use now.


The next job I did myself, it took about 3 minutes and is one of the most satisfying jobs I’ve done to the A2 so far. I was moaning about how inconvenient wind up rear windows are because the winders get knocked and the window cracks open and the first we knows the rain coming in, or the wind noise behind on the motorway when it’s inconvenient to stop and wind them up that last tiny bit.


Well, it turns out my winders had been fitted so they are in the wrong position when the windows are closed, so I slid the caps off , undid the bolt and moved it around a few splines to reposition them to the factory accurate 45degrees down and towards the seat.



Now if they get knocked they are pushing the window up and not down.

So satisfying!

Next job is to try to sort out the saggy rear headlining without taking the whole thing out or going to the time/expense of a complete new headlining. Other than that I've pretty much got this A2 as good as I can get it I think.












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I really like these they're somehow so far removed from modern Audi's & their twatty fuck you get out of my way image ( apologies if you own a modern one but it's true).

There's a bright yellow one of these at work sometimes & it makes me smile in a way no modern Audi with it's vaguely unpleasant image ever would.

Cool design.

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Yeah it’s part of the appeal actually - all the advantages the marque comes with such as good build quality and an upmarket, plush interior (on examples with decent spec anyway), but coupled with a pure focus on efficiency of space and fuel above all else, rather than on aesthetics and “look at me” image.

I love mine for just how out of step with the modern Audi image it is.

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Really enjoyed reading this. The A2 is a car I’ve always thought as bit of an oddball and never really paid any attention too, but they definitely seem to be aging well.

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3 hours ago, artdjones said:

Unfortunately, Audi lost a shed load of money on the A2, whereas the models that suit Mr/Ms Arrogant have made a shedlod of money.


Sad indictment of society really when the clever little car doesn't do well, but the the ones with the arrogant image do..

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^^^all this is true but fundamentally I think they misjudged what people wanted from a small car. Look at how well the 2001 Mini did in the same market using a completely different design/marketing strategy. It was still a 'premium' car costing more that the existing competition. Family cars can be successful by being clever but small cars need character, which the A2 lacks beyond its oddness. 

I think it's a shame that all the A2 cleverness lightness and quality engineering weren't launched in a car the next size up , say Golf sized, where I think they would have appealed more and it might have been more successful. My hunch is that the A2 only really appealed to owners who already had a bigger Audi and wanted a small car that was also an Audi. It's a shame, I was hoping the Mrs would love the A2 and we would keep it long term as a more sensible but interesting second car but I'm pretty sure the Mini is the one we'll be keeping. 

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