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Bluebird collection mission

Pat Earrings

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Probably teaching you to suck eggs here. But if on the B'ham to Plymouth train ask ticket collector how much to upgrade to 1st class.
Last time it was something stupid like a £10, which for snacks, wifi, and drinks was a bargain for 3 hours.
Hope journey goes smoothly. Only collection been on where the train honks at cars on the level crossing to warn them :)


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7 minutes ago, grogee said:

🎶"There'll be Bluebirds over

The green moors of Devon..."🎵

What a motor! Imagine how smug you'll be on the journey back in your premium sports hatchback, looking down on all the paupers in their non-premium other cars.

Exactly! PREMIUM windy handles to move my windows up and down, none of this newfound electrically assisted government conspiracy bollocks! Good old fashioned hard working manual labour!

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15 minutes ago, Pat Earrings said:

Sit rep. Heater doesn’t give any heat st all and I am freezing. Radio also doesn’t work. Bums. Just at services for food and warmth 

Feckk! No heater in -1 aint ideal.. Any of those shite heaters you plug in the fag lighter at those services?

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1 hour ago, Pat Earrings said:

Bluebird achieved! Onwards to Hertfordshire!


That was a complete and utter bargain. I can't get my head around the fact a clean and tidy Bluey with MOT and which is ready to drive away is only £695. Worth double that in the new year, when folk aren't sqaundering money on gifts for the Coca Cola god. 

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