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A poor collection thread


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15 minutes ago, Twiggy said:

Good luck - hope it all goes well ! When do we get to know (a) your final destination and (b) what sort of luxury conveyance you are about to collect ?

I've another train to catch, I'll reveal the destination around lunch time. Same for the reveal of the car.

I'm not driving back to Preston till Sunday as I've got some family stuff to do in Hertfordshire this weekend. The new steed has been parked up for 2 years baring it's MOT in October. So I'm doing the sensible thing and driving it further south to test it's reliability.

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46 minutes ago, drewd said:

Now at Birmingham New Street. 

My train somehow lost time, so I've now missed my connection and have an hour wait...

Currently about 2 miles from there having my lunch.  I hope you had time to do some shopping at John Lewis. 

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So the story with this is that my Dad bought it with the intention of passing it on to me. At the time I was saving for a house and had other commitments so didn't want to take this on.

My Dad is now wanting to reduce his fleet and clear some space so he can sort his gardens etc. So I'm taking it on.

I'm planning on checking it over etc today, using it to pop down to Herts tomorrow for some family stuff then head home in it on Sunday. All pretty boring as per the thread title, but the current road conditions may make it entertaining. My plan may change as the weekend goes on.

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