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NEC Classic car show pics... but mostly the shite bits. Completed it M8.


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Thanks Soundwave that was really great. Thanks for your hard work on our behalf.

I thank I'd take the scruffy MK10 Jag home - though from the wheels it looks as if it has been nicely 'hotted'.

I've a bit of love for the Marina estate too - by far the best iteration of that car and nicely styled and just the right handy size too.

The Rolls Camarges are better in the metal than in any photo - and are beautiful inside especially the 'aircraft' dash. I'd certainly have one.

If I can hi-jack yr thread - I saw this in London at the weekend - someone has spent a lot of time and money on it - ready for armageddon. Was running on LPG. It is an early 50's Austin K9 4x4 which will be ex-military.


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On 11/13/2022 at 9:45 AM, Talbot said:

I'm very sorry to hear that.

I loved it! A298 WMF, a 1.6 LS (Literally Shite) complete with an odd combo of power steering but no Tach, just a clock that worked whenever it wanted to (which was around 10 minutes per day)

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On 11/13/2022 at 12:00 PM, Soundwave said:

[Insert comments about tappet noise here]








Thanks! Far better condition than my Alpine.

And you learn to lover the tappets, I considered it a safety feature, as everyone knew I was coming from a mile away.

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4 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

Aftermarket front on a Spridget?

It's a Turner Mk1, Turner being a company I'd never even heard of until last weekend. Low volume, active in the 50s and 60s. 

This particular one used a 948 A-series motor, but apparently over the years they went through several different manufacturers' parts bins including BMC and Ford. Some also used Coventry Climax motors.

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17 hours ago, Soundwave said:





Now to put my feet up, put my phone on charge...

You deserve to put your feet up after all that running around. Many thanks for all the pics.

Bit of trivia, that is the 1953 Monte Carlo winning Zephyr Six of Maurice Gatsonides, the man we have to thank for helping the Police with collecting for their Christmas Ball.

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    • By Soundwave
      I did a similar thread to this last year, and it seemed to go down quite well. So I thought I'd do it again this year. 
      Basically, there's two Midlands shows near me that always occur on consecutive weekends - The Hinckley BID Motor Show and the Atherstone Heritage Motor Show. I attended both, and focused on taking pictures of stuff that might suit an AS audience - although a few popular classics are in the mix too. 
      Anyway, enough waffle... let's start with Hinckley. 

    • By morrisoxide
      Brilliant day at the Hub Nut Social at The Motorist Hub in Sherburn in Elmet in Yorkshire.  Nice get the Mercury out of 2 years of hibernation.
      Thanks to all the staff and organizers  @dollywobbler I Drive a Classic Steph Ect.
      I'll let the pictures do the talking.

      More pictures to follow.
    • By Soundwave
      Just spent the last 3 days at the NEC Classic car show, helping run one of the stands. Had an opportunity to have a good nose about, loads to see and a great variety as usual. Entry and parking prices were... let's be diplomatic and say 'a bit spicy'. Fortunately I had exhibitor passes! Visitor numbers seemed down compared to usual, presumably due to continuing anxiety over that there virus, which is fair enough. 
      So, for the benefit of anyone who didn't want to go or couldn't be there for whatever reason, here's some pics. I've largely ignored the big-ticket stuff and tried to photograph things more suited to this parish. That's not to say all these cars are shite of course! 
      Anyway, enough preamble - pictures ahoy! 

      I had a raincoat with one of these on. It was a Fleetwood Mac...

      C H E E S E W E D G E

      Pre production Rangie:

    • By Soundwave
      So the last two weekends there's been a couple of good car shows near where I am. Last weekend was the Atherstone motor show, followed by the Hinckley motor show yesterday. 
      Always a good turnout, there was all the usual show fare - supercars, popular classics, kit cars, scooters, giffers talking bollocks, screaming children etc. Everything we love about a local British car show. Everyone was photographing the flashy stuff, so I decided just to focus on the shite - of which, I'm pleased to say, seems to be establishing a real presence at shows. 
      Let's kick off with Atherstone:

      Stimson Scorcher. Because why wouldn't you want to ride a Mini like a motorbike? 

      Bit of late registration madness on this Panda:

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