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Attachments on Autoshite. Pictures, Video, Other files. Policy update


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For anyone who knows they have videos hosted on Autoshite that they want to either download and keep, or download to re-host elsewhere:

Go to your account drop-down menu top right.  Drop it down and select "my attachments"  Thusly:


Once you've done that, on the list of attachments you have saved on AS, you'll see a "sort by" drop-down.  Select "size" from this, and it will show the largest attachments first.


This will almost certainly have your video files first on the list.  From there, you can either click on the filename to download it directly to your computer, click on the thread to take you to the post where the video is linked from, or on the far right-hand-side is a check-box where you can select files and then click delete at the bottom of the screen.

For a video that you would very much like to be kept visible on Autoshite, the best thing to do is download it to your computer, and then re-upload it to a video hosting site as mentioned in the post above.  Once you've done that, you can go to the post in question and insert the copied URL from Youtube or Vimeo or whoever.  Many video hosting sites are automatically recognised by the forum software, and your video will be embedded immediately.  Your video is now hosted away from Autoshite.

I've done this from Vimeo a fair number of times in the past and it was quite straightforward.  This may seem like a bit of a faff, but needs doing only once.

Once this has been done, you can tick the check-box next to the video in question and then click delete at the bottom of the screen as the copy on Autoshite is no longer needed.  I should also point out that every time you delete an attachment, the "sort by" reverts to "by upload date".   I've no idea why this happens and can't stop it.  You just need to run the sort by size again.

If there are video files that are just no longer relevant (e.g. I had a short video of a camera I was selling, which is now long gone.) you can just delete them, or leave them to be deleted in due course.


Again, some points I want to emphasise to avoid confusion:

  • The forum structure (topics, threads, posts) is a completely separate thing from the attachments storage.  Please do not delete any posts or threads in the mistaken belief that this will assist storage space.  It won't.
  • Any attachment deleted as described above (video, or indeed any image)  will not delete the post that it was shown on.  The post will remain, which can be edited with the new video location in if you wish.
  • When videos are all eventually deleted from the Autoshite servers, it again will not delete the posts that these were on.  Any video that hasn't been re-uploaded elsewhere will show as a broken link, like this:Screenshot from 2022-10-27 22-31-44.png

If anyone needs assistance with this, then do please either ask in the "technical assistance" thread, or feel free to PM me directly.  It's worth noting that some members have already had a purge of videos after my previous sticky on this matter, and appear to have freed-up over 15GB of space already.  This is most welcome and is a potential 100,000 images of storage space made available.

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