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The latest burden - 1964 Ford Galaxie 500


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Now with additional pictures in the original update posts. Bonus pic of all the shit in the boot still needing fitting:


You’ll see, amongst other things:

- the rust-treated bits of the rear diff

- the ‘knee-cooler’ A/C unit, which’ll get mounted under the dash and will likely be one of the last pieces fitted

- the original floor mats, green clear vinyl yokes, which were a boon to have saved

- the turbo mufflers, of indiscriminate brand

- dozens of gaskets, of all types 

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Bonus content of what’s lying around the shop, for the yank-lickers amongst us:

- up on the lift is a ‘51 Mercury lead sled with a chopped top and a 514ci big block, while on the ground is a Thunderbird of some description (I want to say ‘64? Possibly not):


- two other family projects: the Mustang is a ‘65 which will some day have a 351ci Cleveland (as found in the hottest Aussie Falcons and the DeTomaso Pantera) with a 5-sp manual, while the GT6 is getting fitted with a 260ci and a 4-sp, the same combo what went in the Sunbeam Tiger:image.thumb.jpeg.9b4a5e8a1a2ea454e4c7e9b98f7f3480.jpeg

- a ‘69 Mercury Cougar which is undergoing a full resto, while under the covers is  a ‘66 Galaxie with a special drivetrain combo…image.thumb.jpeg.d9a12c526ee29a73f0a323d361f3f44b.jpeg

Viewers of Jay Leon’s Garage may have seen his restored Galaxie 7.0 Litre with a 4-speed manual; this is that same combo, but as a convertible. A very special vehicle, and very covetable.

- 2 x Oldsmobile Cutlasses, one a ‘64 and one a ‘67, and the Chevy panel truck in the background is being gasser-ified with a 572ci stroked big block and the back end all cut up and tubbed for behemoth tyresimage.thumb.jpeg.734c636659f86cce0288bbf6eb6e625e.jpeg

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That model of Thunderbird is the 64-66 series, famous now for being driven by Thelma and Louise in the movie of that name; but also used by Felix Leiter in Goldfinger.  I'm afraid I'm not well-up enough on the subtle differences between years to say exactly which that one is, but trust me, there will be details that changed each year.

What a workshop to be able to use!

Incidentally, your type of Galaxie was featured in Men In Black 3; I have a 1/18 model of it.

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On 11/21/2022 at 12:57 AM, Turbowomble said:



I might have some of those outer trim rings for the rear lights if you want them.  Don't want anything for them.  I need to have a dig in the garage first because I can't remember if I sold them, or if I stashed them away "just in case", hoping it's the latter.

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