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Rozzer Shite


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12 hours ago, catsinthewelder said:

Scousers don't just throw half a brick!

What happened there, did a chimney stack fall on it?

Was Fred Dibnah seen in the vicinity?

'Restoration project'. That driver's vinyl door card looks a bit fucked though. Haggle.

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On 07/07/2024 at 11:18, MiniMinorMk3 said:


Reminds me of an eyebrow raising moment at work. I work for a mutli national corporation. We have an internal electronic 'newspaper'. One edition was highlighting the work of each factories community and charity committees. Our committee had helped to paint a scout hut, the Belgians did something similar, the Saudi's held a slap up meal for the local community etc etc around the world. Until we got to the US site. They proudly proclaimed that they had repainted, and sponsored, the local police's armoured car. Yes, that's what they thought community help meant! To be fair they are in a fairly rough part of the US...

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7 hours ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:


Si si they went onto the autostrada then we lost them, I know I know 3 minis can't just disappear into thin air.

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