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Cars you recognise on the ebay tat forum-Range Rover Roys Corniche


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Saw this on the tat forum the other day and it rang a bell.

Image 12 - 1972 Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward Coupe  Corniche Project

Image 101 - 1972 Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward Coupe  Corniche Project

It was owned by Roy who used to drink in a pub I worked in many years ago-he was known as Range Rover Roy as he always had a Range Rover- I remember when I was a kid-he had an M reg one, then a few others, then when i was working in the pub a couple of years old D reg Turbo d, followed by a year old Kreg 300TDi Range Rover. Last one he had was a brand new 2003 Vogue.  SA03 ROY.

Always had interesting cars-opposite this garage  he parked up his V12 XJS and it ended up like the Roller-absolutely wrecked. He'd had Interceptors and E types in his time. A very interesting character who looks like Jeff Lynne-always wears dark glasses and in his 70's. Perfectly balanced as we always said he had a chip on both shoulders!


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