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(Now Live!) 1000 mile collections two-day road trip


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Exeter ahoy! Which I understand is, South of London. I get a nose bleed just thiking about that....

Just running through a pre-flight checklist.

Insurance? Check.

AA cover?  Check.

Tools? Not found.

Walkie Talkies (for legal intercar chatter and banter)!? Check.

Spare under-crackers and deodorant? Optional.

Keys to Skoda Superb estateliner? Check.

Fuel and food money? Have applied for an overdraft in anticipation of those bastids. Wish me luck.

I think we're ready to depart at exactly 08:07 tomorrow morning. We should return, late(er), Sunday with a tale to tell and an empty wallet to show for it. Can't wait. Are we there, yet? :D

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  • Hawkeyethenoo changed the title to (Now Live!) 1000 mile collections two-day road trip
5 hours ago, Hawkeyethenoo said:

Not sure where are still on the M6 stopped fir a coffee at some really shit services. Couple of hours to go. 


all of them apart from tebay

3 hours from tebay is knutsford sanchbach or keele all worn out and knackered


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Just now, Hawkeyethenoo said:

Collection occurred. Seems alright from 20 foot. 


Fuck, I didn't see that coming. Wow. Fair bloody play! How did you manage to sleep last night knowing you were getting that today?

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