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I also bought a big.........moar pics!


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  • Rocket88 changed the title to I also bought a big.........moar pics!
8 minutes ago, sutty2006 said:

Did Laurence lywellen Bowen have something to do with the interior? 

Top purchase non the less 

Lawrence Llewelyn-bowen revamped my mates old flat in Worthing on some TV show about 20yrs ago, not long after he sold it. We only found out after it had been on telly so never got to see it. 

Its a real shame as we were all desperate to know if it featured the curtains on the stairs, that Mowgli wiped his arse on after he ran out of toilet roll. 

They may have been preferable to what he actually replaced them with judging by some of the stuff he used to do to people's houses. 

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11 hours ago, Rocket88 said:

Based on a Fiat Ducato…. Needs a C1 license 

2.5 tdi with five speed column ( for added hilarity) change

Must be a decent motor in these, I usually see them motoring along around 65/70mph on the motorway. 

The old ducatos seem to be hiding behind lorries a lot  as I'm guessing N/A  thrills abound🤣🤣

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