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2003 C5 exclusiveness!


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Wow! That’s great. Loving that it is proper colour, has the prettier front and also a lighter interior which is much nicer too. 

I see it is petrol too! That’ll be less trouble than the diesel and probably give the auto box an easier life too. With the two C6 petrols I’ve had, the boxes have been fine at a decent age and mileage but apparently the diesels always eat their boxes eventually— less torque thumping them about I suspect. 

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2 hours ago, maxxo said:

It feels and smells like a new car!

think I’ve stolen this one tbh absolute bargain

Massive W with that purchase. Congrats!

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time for a proper write up on the return journey

so departed Reading at around 2:30 ish

filled up with fuel (put vpower in her as i suspect this was the longest trip the car has ever done)

so i set off and it was going great, sheer silence from the engine and a smooth as silk autobox

brakes are rock solid, they feel fantastic!

just wafted along the motorway, it was going great for the first 160 miles or so

then i got stuck in a 45 minute traffic jam, no overheating or anything and it did great

however, after that i noted a couple of notchy shifts....to be expected, i imagine a fair bit of heat

anyway went well again making some good progress

right up until a torrential thunderstorm occured

perhaps the worst rainfall i've ever seen, so much so the motorway slowed down to around 20 mph.....couldn't see a thing!

auto wipers going full pelt and still not enough

then there was a lot of flooding, so much so, i put the suspension up as i was concerned about hydrolocking it!

finally got home around 8:20, tired and fed up of driving

but the car, my god

it was absolutely fantastic! not a single issue at all

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3 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

That's nothing for any car these days. 

For a low mileage, executive luxosaloon, it's an absolute steal. 

You'll have to hope that nobody calls crimestoppers. 

it's legalised theft for a 37,000 mile, impeccably well maintained with insane service history, automatic, top spec car

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2 minutes ago, maxxo said:

yes i know it needs a hoover!

but look! footwell lighting! POSH!!!

May be an image of footwear

That bonnet release handle was clearly designed by a man with the expectation that it will be used A LOT. 

The fool. In reality, the car barely needs one at all. 

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2 minutes ago, maxxo said:

i just can't get over this one

the starter literally turns the engine once before it fires!

no bad noises from anything, engine is smooth as silk and pretty powerful too

don't say things like that in public- it will go all french on you out of spite! 😁

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Y'know what'd make that car perfect? A new boot strut. but only one.

If only you knew someone trying deserately to get rid of one....

Nice work, looks like a real honey, and for £700 in this day and age its an insane bargain. You must have seen half that from the demise of the diesel estate? I have a colleague who's shelling out £630 a month for a 2013 W211 e-class (don't ask...) so an ENTIRE CAR for £70 more than one months rent on a merc is a billy bargain. Your's also has 1/3 the miles his merc has officially (and about 1/10th what i suspect the true mileage his Merc has going by the issues it keeps throwing up)


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