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Monthly Collection Thread of Joy


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Well lets hope there's joy to be had somewhere.

I think it's only been 2 weeks since the last car left so of course it's time to get another one... I didn't even know I wanted it until midnight Thursday/Friday. The alarm rings at 6am tomorrow, this will be the longest distance (non-international) collection yet, and the second oldest car I have ever owned...

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24 minutes ago, sdkrc said:

E39 with a manual box and a V8?

Which car left chez Schaefft then?

To be fair, an E39 M5 would absolutely be my next purchase if I wasn't planning to move next year. It's hard to justify spending your house deposit on a car you don't even have a garage for yet. I loved my 540i 6-speed as dodgy as it was. Breaker 728i from Glasgow left a week ago.

21 minutes ago, Datsuncog said:

You've gone to Newquay to buy a bay-window VW camper stitched together out of Mexican not-quite pattern panels and fitted with a broken Subaru engine..?

The GF wants a camper van (naturally), too bad I don't see the point in the UK.


15 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

What about the car tho?

Hopefully doesn't break down on the way back. However I am so confident that it will make the journey back that I have come with zero preparation.

Another hint: it has keep fit windows and no AC but does come with a dealer fitted body kit and 2-piece alloys.

I have landed in the very south of England. It's lovely and warm here. Next leg via train!


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Between Bournemouth and my last stop now. The owner wants to pick me up from the station despite having had a night shift and me not minding walking, the weather is glorious.

The AC in this train is blasting so cold that I'm wearing my hoodie again. God forbid we reach heatwave temperatures of 24 degrees in here.


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Well, unfortunately the car didn't quite turn out to be what I was looking for. The car in question was a red Audi 90 2.3E with a manual and inline 5 and some really nice factory body kit. Unfortunately it turned out that it definitely didn't have the advertised 31k miles (car looked good enough in the photos to be credible), it was originally sold in Germany and serviced there, one of the service stickers mentioned the next service at109k km in 1995(!). It also feels a bit low on power at low rpm (maybe normal?) and had idling issues.

Guess this was just a nice trip to Weymouth in the end, albeit not a cheap one. If I can't find anything else down here it'll be a plane I'm taking back!

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That E34 would be tempting if it wasn't 4 grand for a high mileage car😅

Booked the tickets for the train and flight back to Newcastle, should be there at around 10pm.

At least there's one thing to be excited about: the PC is now at 1!

Had some nice fish&chips as well.

Also, freaking Ford Scorpio, should have made an offer on that! It's larger than I remember them to be.

Also Nissan Cube. Could hear the accessory belt scream from 100m away, a small puff of smoke was rising from the carpark before I saw what it was😂





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2 minutes ago, wuvvum said:

At least the seller has been honest enough to update the ad, unlike a certain Peugeot seller...

Yeah, he appeared to be an honest dude and apologized for it. I didn't want to give the impression that I was blaming him either when I explained the situation. He gave me a lift back into town and that was it. It's not like it's a bad car, it just isn't worth the hassle to me unless it's something genuinely rare or an unbeatable deal making it worth the hassle. A bit of work and this could be a good daily.

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