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W…sorry S124 230TE


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Didn’t do a live collection thread due to needing to preserve phone battery and also because I couldn’t be arsed.

Always promised myself a W124/W201 so when @HMC stuck one up for a megabarg price it was a no brainer despite being at the opposite end of the country.

First point of call, flight from Newcastle to Exeter, took no time at all:


Here I am looking small on the transporter bridge circa 2005 with my Dads base spec 190E. Left a big impression.


HMC was ace, picked me up from the airport and fitted a new aux belt as a precaution, top shiter, would deffo buy more ruinous auld mercs from him.

Car acquired, tank brimmed, pleasantly surprised/relived that it wasn’t a complete nail. 


Car decided to have a little coolant wee at my first service stop to scare me, luckily it had just been overfilled a tad.F2CC0163-1AA1-41EE-A49D-265B9839F90C.thumb.jpeg.de3ea469d29fd13f97af6c8184dc68db.jpeg

As lovely* as it would’ve been to drive 7 hours home, I decided to stop overnight in the midlands so I could visit the British Motor Museum.


Museum was brilliant, managed to spend all day there, so much to see:

SD1 Estate

Pretty little Mini based MG sports car





Merc was good on the motorway, better than my “modern” CLK. Bit of play in the steering which is something I’ll take a look at but other than that very solid indeed. Headrests like pillows.


Not sure what kind of new life form is developing here, think I’ve got some cream carpet off-cuts at home if this is beyond saving.


Reserve light came on just as I arrived in Sunderland, decided to fill it up at my local which just so happened to have this gorgeous 450SEL hogging the E5.



All in all very happy with it, needs a good clean but think it’ll come up well, exterior and interior are both in good nick under the grime, need to source a couple of wings though. 

Mechanically there’s a few bits and pieces that could do with a refresh, just the usual high mileage stuff though, it drives a lot better than I was expecting for the price.

I’ll try and keep this thread updated if I remember!


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Gave it a quick going over with some car shampoo and a mit, think it’s come up well, couple of wings and a wheel refurb should have it looking a million dollars…. atleast two and a half grand.

I’ve a question for any Merc lickers on here, may post in ask a shiter, managed to track down a couple of wings locally but they’re from an early W124 without the Sacco panels, is it easy to attach the Sacco panels to these early wings or does it take some modification?







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Looks fantastic, great to see it’s getting some love. love the colour combo and the mb tex to my eyes is a big plus as some cloth interiors on these can age badly. Light coloured facelift cloth upholstery can end up pretty hanging.

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Well bought and extra marks for the bonus 450!  Crumbly front wings seem to be pretty standard on these - as indeed does some carpet mould. My ‘95 E200 wagon suffered both and it’s been away nearly 10 years now.  I have a load of spare beige carpet that’s going in a skip next week unless you want me to keep a bit. 

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