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ZX needing saved - Paisley, Scotland


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There’s a ZX here at Abbey Car Breakers in Paisley urgently needing saved. I’d take it but lack of funds and possible divorce are stopping me. I’ve been down for a look and It’s in really good condition (total lack of rust in the usual places) going by a cursory inspection, belonged to an old guy and his son sent it to the scrappy.  Details below. (I’ve been told £650 would secure it). It’s in danger of being scrapped or sold to an Uber Eats driver.  D3A8C37A-248D-40FA-ADD1-0F0EF5FCE8C9.thumb.jpeg.3b8d7cc7c0017337ef6df3ed53b965be.jpeg

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2 minutes ago, Supernaut said:

Clean MOT until next June too!

Why must I be up in Aberdeenshire for the week?!

Somebody GIB!

I’m trying to get the funds. It still has a towing eye cover that had to stop myself from stealing. 

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5 minutes ago, GregZX said:

It’s the 1.9 turbo xud.

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Would be great for the 305 but its alot for just wanting the engine and id feel sort of bad tearing it apart.

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On 7/26/2022 at 7:02 PM, HaveACuppa said:

Very tempted by this. 
How on earth do you get a car without a V5 taxed for the drive home though?

Is it a case of applying for a v62(?) and waiting or is there a way to temporarily sort it? 

You just drive it home anyway and try not to think about it too much! 😅

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