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Shite Brochures, Literature & Press Photos


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4 hours ago, LT84 said:

Thread for all car related brochures & literature.


Here's the first contribution, Freight Rover Sherpa 4x4!





I'm sure I once saw a test in Truck magazine or something similar of one of those against a Transit 4x4 County & the Sherpa was better off road. Looks bloody cool with jacked up 4x4 suspension.

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  • LT84 changed the title to Shite Brochures, Literature & Press Photos

Still not entirely sure this car is strictly classified as shite other than being built by a volume manufacturer and basically forgotten by the world at large...but being able to put together cars and specific bits of accurate marketing brochures etc always pleases me.  This turned up this morning courtesy of insomnia induced eBay browsing last week.




Page 1 full size scan.


Page 2 full size scan.


Page 3 full size scan.


Page 4 full size scan.


Page 5 full size scan.


Page 6 full size scan.

Interesting to see that between the 87 and 88 model year that they made the move to fuel injection.  This has also confirmed my suspicion that the Monaco was a GTS with a couple of extra toys thrown in, so nice to see I was right.

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44 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

Still not entirely sure this car is strictly classified as shite

A big brown Renner from the 1980s with a caramac interior? I’m struggling to classify it as anything other than shite, to be fair. 

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