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Shite Brochures, Literature & Press Photos


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4 hours ago, LT84 said:

Thread for all car related brochures & literature.


Here's the first contribution, Freight Rover Sherpa 4x4!





I'm sure I once saw a test in Truck magazine or something similar of one of those against a Transit 4x4 County & the Sherpa was better off road. Looks bloody cool with jacked up 4x4 suspension.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • LT84 changed the title to Shite Brochures, Literature & Press Photos

Still not entirely sure this car is strictly classified as shite other than being built by a volume manufacturer and basically forgotten by the world at large...but being able to put together cars and specific bits of accurate marketing brochures etc always pleases me.  This turned up this morning courtesy of insomnia induced eBay browsing last week.




Page 1 full size scan.


Page 2 full size scan.


Page 3 full size scan.


Page 4 full size scan.


Page 5 full size scan.


Page 6 full size scan.

Interesting to see that between the 87 and 88 model year that they made the move to fuel injection.  This has also confirmed my suspicion that the Monaco was a GTS with a couple of extra toys thrown in, so nice to see I was right.

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44 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

Still not entirely sure this car is strictly classified as shite

A big brown Renner from the 1980s with a caramac interior? I’m struggling to classify it as anything other than shite, to be fair. 

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I have quite a lot of brochures, rather than add about 50GB of images to the forum I'll just post reduced images of the front covers and links to the corresponding album on Flickr.

Here are my 1975-77 Ford range brochures.

I put the images in groups of three with a group of three links below, which works well on a computer but I just realised looks a bit odd on a phone as everything ends up in one column.

FordCarsFeb75001.jpg.527451728303ed79a3d5c3d8f5168307.jpg FordCarsMar75001.jpg.c0ea8cc255a3782cf02333334a062a68.jpg FordCarsOct-Nov75001.jpg.d75f1a9167518f38afdb341993ba2041.jpg

Feb 1975  Mar 1975  Oct 1975

FordCarsAug76001.jpg.376aeca5451dbabbc439f80628b815d6.jpg FordCarsSep76001.jpg.528b61572d4224e76bec5fb46ea1cc0f.jpg FordCarsOct76001.jpg.d3bba20c4ee94fb120c2512571aa03c6.jpg

Aug 1976  Sep 1976  Oct 1976

FordCarsFeb77001.jpg.094d04c930288b65a17a06d34a9e7383.jpg FordCarsMar77001.jpg.25a0427921384558b19a74089c2ce381.jpg FordCarsApr77001.jpg.2a0200a6f3a6e184ce615ebdcd02cdd9.jpg

Feb 1977  Mar 1977  Apr 1977

FordCarsOct77001.jpg.e810a9b09140fccbfb4ba9c4215600b5.jpg FordCarsNov77001.jpg.18c2d6e30d359d66af578ccd69d23545.jpg

Oct 1977  Nov 1977

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I picked up my first Ford Cars in April or May 1975 - I was 11. I had a complete set up to 1980 when I left school and didn’t walk past Lloyd Motors of Aberaeron  every lunchtime.  I occasionally picked one up  up until 1987 when I again got a new one every month, as we got sent them at work up until they stopped printing them. At one time I could tell you exactly what a Cortina GL had over and above the ‘ L’ etc. They also educated me ‘ in lieu’ , ‘ appliqué’ etc words I only ever saw in Ford Cars.

Alas , most were lost in the Great Magazine Shed water disaster of 2008, but I’ve still got a few and I’m going to read a couple now.

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On 6/30/2022 at 11:53 PM, sheffcortinacentre said:

I'll raise you (geddit) with the Mk5  cortina bakkie, come my lottery win one will be added to my collection.IMG_20220630_234958.thumb.jpg.e80346c80eb57e5305f1a912b1198429.jpgIMG_20220630_235008.thumb.jpg.f78b550da3389147148f5dd626eb3b71.jpg

Sorry, just seen this. There used to be an almost identical one of these in Reading when I was in my early twenties and I thought it was a home made “big foot” type thing but thought it was awesome. Never knew it was an actual model, thanks! Much want!!

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So one on eBay few years back in Norfolk I think was missing eng/box & transfer box had been replaced with a 2.8 auto! 

Had an I'd plt under bonnet re conversion by some place on south coast, had heard back in the 90' s rumours about somewhere in the UK doing this but never been able to find anything out.

2 south African companies did these conversions on late mk4-5 's some estate cars where done too.

This leaflet is of the more common one.

On my lottery win list.

Far as I know none have been imported .

Saw one mounted on a Hilux in the 90's with a wooden stepsidesque bed.

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24 minutes ago, Wibble said:

Me too! My Cortina has a boot full of these if anyone’s after a particular one?

Any that fill in the gaps in the ranges I've posted would be of interest to me.

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