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London ULEZ expansion leaflet


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Slightly off-topic, but very relevant for shite in London... I live in a part of outer London that will be included in the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone from August next year, and I'm amazed by how many non-compliant vehicles there are where I live - I really don't think many people are aware of what is coming, as I think they would be kicking up more of a stink if they did!  

Although the chances of getting the expansion cancelled are probably low, I feel strongly that it's important to try - if the expansion is implemented it will be terrible news for poorer people with non-compliant vehicles (especially with the cost of living crisis), terrible news for the environment (will almost certainly result in 1000s of serviceable vehicles being prematurely scrapped), unlikely to make a substantial difference to air pollution and, of course, terrible news for 80s/90s shite cars - including my Mk3 Golf and Mk2 Scirocco...

I thought the best way to make a difference would be to directly inform the people who have non-compliant cars what is coming and how to protest against it, so I've made and printed off some A5 flyers to put on windscreens of non-compliant cars - initially 250, which I've already used up in streets no more than 10 minutes walk from my house!  I'm going to get some more printed, but if any other London-based shiters want to do likewise, I've included a PDF of the flyer in the this post.  I used Banana Print to do the printing, who were very cheap and did the job in 3 days, I would highly recommend them.  

I would also much appreciate it if you could fill out the survey here: https://haveyoursay.tfl.gov.uk/cleanair by 29th July and object to the scheme!




ULEZ Expansion.pdf

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