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Mrs Juular's popemobile - weldy time


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Well you all know what it is already. 

With thanks to @petermcpetefor the effortless purchase and @worldofceri / @Inspector Morose for the equally pleasant and professional service as usual.









It starts. It runs. Everything works except the clutch. The clutch fluid pipe does look a little suspect and I think that will be my first port of call.

On top of that it's not even rusty, just a couple of minor cosmetic welds to do / ignore for years.

It needs a couple of little jobs done, like the choke reattached and an air filter fitted.

Mrs Juular could not be happier with it, so that's me in the good books. 

Oh yeah..



And finally...


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34 minutes ago, sdkrc said:

What a buy! Great to see old pope Ratty on a car again. 

Also, where's your chronic BL rust? This looks suspiciously clean


I'll check it again tomorrow and see if it has converted to powder form overnight.

P.S. pope ratty, I vote for him. 


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I live in Glasgow and never see these cars. Well, I did see a W123 estate yesterday and a bloke with a massive cheesy grin driving a Wolseley 18-22. 

Oh and I saw twi Triumphs  in Yoker yesterday. A red Spitfire and a black TR6. 

Hmmm….anyway. Good luck with it.  


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A small amount has been done on this over the week.

Firstly the clutch fluid pipe was a bit odd, in that it was two pipes spliced loosely together with not much in the way of fluid inside. A small amount of handling and they separated.


The red bit of the pipe was cut off the gearbox and removed, and the original nylon pipe connected straight onto the box.


With the system refilled and pressure bled, the pedal felt a lot better.

The choke was tightened up a little and the battery replaced with a fully charged one, and it fired right up.


Unfortunately no luck changing gear with the engine running.

We lifted the back end and ran it up to 30mph, then slammed the brakes on with the clutch pedal down. Repeated this A few times and it seemed to free up the clutch.


Unfortunately with the wheels back on the ground it still wasn't possible to change gear with the engine running as you can see here.

So my guess is there's still something not right with the clutch hydraulics. Next step is to take the slave cylinder out and see how it actuates when the pedal is pressed.

In the meantime the back end has been depoped, mainly as it's sitting in an area that likes union flags and orangey flutey things.


There's a few bits to get welded up, but it's not scary bad.



Mrs is determined she's going to weld this up herself.

Apart from that we sorted a few coolant leaks and other niggles. We're hoping this will see the road very soon.

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