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    • By sdkrc
      Well shit, that's over 9 threats!
      A triple collection thread.  All MOTd. All possibly starting. All presumably stopping.
      The collection train starts in Glasgow at 12.15 picking up 2x shiters. A further shiter will be collected on the way. 
      4 shiters. 440 miles. 7hrs. Live updates in 3hrs if anyone can be bothered posting

    • By Schaefft
      Well lets hope there's joy to be had somewhere.
      I think it's only been 2 weeks since the last car left so of course it's time to get another one... I didn't even know I wanted it until midnight Thursday/Friday. The alarm rings at 6am tomorrow, this will be the longest distance (non-international) collection yet, and the second oldest car I have ever owned...
    • By beko1987
      So in a very unsurprising sideways step, today is the day I collect my Nu car! A Citroen ZX MK2, better known as a Xsara! 
      Sit rep: sat drinking tea waiting for @Six-cylinder to arrive who is very kindly coming along for the ride, and to drive the xsara home as he popped it on his insurance for the day!
      Mr @Talbot reports that the xsara drove perfectly into his work this morning after a few weeks sat in a garage, and that's about all you really want from an car! 
    • By NorthernMonkey
      Yes, I admit it. I have a problem. Far too many problems, in fact, and all four wheeled.
      Unfortunately, I also have a fully equipped workshop, plenty of parking spaces and a fully comprehensive trader’s policy, all of which combine to only facilitate my problem.
      Here we go again….
    • By Schaefft
      Seems like it's that time of the month again...
      At least the weather is nice and should stay like this on the way home.
      No photos of breakfast, it was a bowl of cereal. 
      Poo count zero.

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