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Kollection Fred - He’s been at it again! We're Off!


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<husky film trailer type voice>
Just when you thought it was safe to look at a collection thread. Soon will follow a dramatic story of a desperate man with a quest, against all odds, to have a running car in his possession by the end of the day.  He will battle crowds of shoppers, day trippers and other hazards…
<record stylus scratch sound>
<nasal Chris Barrie as Gordon Brittas type voice>

What actually will follow is a man heading across London on several trains and (hopefully) driving back around the M25 to put his new purchase into storage and SORNing it until 1st of July. It won’t be exciting, and it may put you to sleep after your Sunday roast.

Poo count = 0

antihistamine count = 1

Extreme nasal excretions count (courtesy of @mitsisigma01) = 3

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1 hour ago, mitsisigma01 said:

Following the potential excitement or pain of a round M25 collection, to liven it up a bit have a picture of my worst hayfever blow out ever (well actually there was 3 loads like this but all pretty evenly matched 🤮🤮🤮IMG_20220624_172132047.thumb.jpg.c07731b6113b684357860471e6a0b24b.jpg

Apologies for putting you off your brunch !!!

Dirty fucker there is no need to post shit like that. 

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  • CaptainBoom changed the title to Kollection Fred - He’s been at it again! We're Off!
29 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

I hope this thread doesn't have a poo count. 

Nope, not my sort of style at all. I believe that there are specialty websites for that sort of thing.

Anyway, a trudge to the station. Not much chod on display, but I did spot a Morris 1100 in Olde English White with a primer grey bonnet and a slammed Beetle on whitewalls. 
St. Mary Cray station, home of many *exciting journeys and easy availability of ‘exotic tobacco’ 1DDEE891-6DA6-45C9-82D8-497EFEFBDC7E.thumb.jpeg.e135d263d0897d31299d7fc20232cfa7.jpegD3BCF0D6-0540-4C45-8C16-F9F3EA31FA0D.thumb.jpeg.3b47307f96e1146e634d5438c9cbc1d9.jpeg

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22 minutes ago, CaptainBoom said:

On to the chod I hope to buy this afternoon. It’s sight unseen, was on Gumtree for a silly low amount.
It has a longitudinal engine with front wheel drive.

No, it’s not a Saab 900, I’ve got one of those already! 


Alfasud / 33 / Sprint / 145 / 145

Renault Espace / 25 / 21 / 5

Citroen GSA / 2CV / Dyanne 

Am I close?!

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28 minutes ago, MJK 24 said:


Got it in the first guess. I wish it was one of the others though!

This is one of my last chances to own something *interesting before ULEZ is probably going to be extended to where I live.

I’ve never owned or driven the four rings of success before, and I thought I might as well try it to see what it’s like.

Train got stuck behind a stopping service so we dawdled our way through the suburbs. Saw this:


No inflatable pig above it, lots of trendy flats though.

Ah, come on! My pits aren’t that bad!


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Now at Highbury and Islington, the ‘mainline‘ station that time forgot. I used to use it all the time about 15 years ago, it was much danker then!

‘underground’ stations look weird with larger tunnels (to accommodate regular trains) and no advertising hoardings on the opposite walls.

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Drayton Park, just next to Emirates Stadium, you wouldn’t believe there was a Northern Line tube depot there once, unless you looked.


Hornsey, suburb of London where the group Mousse T lived.


Their 1998 hit was to commemorate this area, but those record producers changed the lyrics to get a wider appeal.


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40 minutes ago, SmokinWaffle said:

Breath is baited.... 

Sorry about that. Seller was very chatty. 1st impressions:



Seems OK

I think it has a PD130, but I will need to check when I get home.

have a piccie (have several)



Power steering leaks

Aircon doesn’t

Interior is very very blue


I’ll see how I feel about it after I get back to my Grandmothers house where I am to store it.

The seller also gave me to whole V5 to post, bit random!

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42 minutes ago, big_al_granvia said:

do the indicators work???? well bought, hows the hayfever.... no snot pix needed 

Optional extra working indicators included. Bulbs all works too!

hayfever absolutely fine, it can really vary from day to the next. I wasn’t suffering at work last night either. Not sure if it’s the meds or the area that I’m in.

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No pez shot as it had a lot of diesel in it (which I paid the bloke a few quid extra for). 

Cruised home without incident, has a degree of waftiness, but struggled to get comfortable in the seat.  I'm sure in time I'll get it right as I want it.  Just in time for one of the kids to fiddle with it.

Next up is to look it over in time to get it in for an MOT which is up in four weeks.

Poo count still, thankfully at zero.


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