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Time to hit the road once more…one out, one in!


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Morning people…

Frankly, I can’t believe I managed to get one new purchase past the boss last week…


With that in mind, the only sensible thing to do was to try and push my luck even further and negotiate the acquisition of one more.

So here we are. It’s started well enough anyway with a Father’s Day card…


followed by a light snack to ease our journey south….


Now got to go and swap cars. This is sort of live, by the way….

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1 hour ago, sporty-shite said:

Have you outed the Jag already? Thought that might have ben a bit of a longer term thing. 

God, no…the Jag will be around for a good while and get properly sorted. Might even give it to the father in law to waft around in for a bit.

Todays collection is far more in line with my usual taste…


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They’re getting thin on the ground now and I simply couldn’t resist, especially with its original spec sheet and the oddball registration.

The intention is to perform a bit of a rolling restoration and add it to my long term MB fleet, namely the low mileage 230 saloon and 300CE coupe.

Anyone would think I had a thing for old Benzes…

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And the destination was achieved, with only minor* issues…


Very pleased with the 210 wagon…even better than I was actually expecting.

I’d forgotten how comfy these are in a 90’s Germanic fashion…like slipping on a particularly comfy old pair of shoes.

Having just been raped for £2.09 per litre at Leicester Forest North, I’m now relaxing on the heated leather whilst the divine MrsNM pilots us North.


Great to meet you, @JayB and thanks for taking care of the old girl for the last year after having cruelly stolen it from under my nose last time it was for sale 👍😉

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Just got back…still over a quarter of tank of diesel left and the trip shows an average of 44.7mpg which included some stretching if it’s legs here and there so that’ll do.

Not a bad little run back from Cambridge to Colne.

Just as well really as it appears I’ll be doing it again shortly…. 😳

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