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BMW bodykit bits (e39)


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I’ve seen a late 2001 BMW 5 series (E39 shape) I like the look of but just wondering what parts I’d need to buy and where to find the bits to put on my own car. Mines a 2000 E39 SE so must be a similar car before the modifications. One difference is circular foglights, mine are more square. 
The car seems to have a different bumper at the back, different number plate holder at the front, rear spoiler and front splitter, I’m told some of the bits are possibly alpina and the bit on the rear bumper (circled) is zender.  Thanks all 





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As you can tell in the front image it's the Alpina front lip you could get from the dealer here in the UK. This car is a facelift, so facelift front bumper (hence the round foglights) with the lip.

Rear definitely has a Zender lower lip. Spoiler and sideskirts I can't tell.

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On 8/22/2022 at 5:11 PM, Schaefft said:

Nice, how much was it to paint the bumpers? Still have to do mine for the 528i.

Hi @Schaefft, sorry I missed this, I supplied a bumper from an e39 that was being broken at a scrapyard. The body shop said this would be cheaper than fixing the existing bumper which had got damaged. Once the front alpina splitter id written about earlier arrived the bodyshop then painted both the splitter and bumper at the same time and fitted it. This worked out at around the £250 mark but difficult to say as the final bill was more as other jobs incl fitting those new headlights were done at the same time. I imagine if you didn’t have a front splitter to paint/fit it would be less £

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